Price of Health


Over the years of working with clients I have found that many times folks don’t understand the value of their health.  It doesn’t matter how much money you have or properties you own, if you aren’t healthy you won’t be around to enjoy it.  Recently, I had an interview with a prospective client.  During this interview we discussed my rates for training.  Keep in mind this client was a multimillionaire.  This individual proceeds to tell me that he just couldn’t afford my services.  Which are very reasonable for my guarantee of results with adherence.  Basically, I am promising that we will transform your health if you follow my program.  This particular individual proceeds to tell me that he takes 4 medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, onset diabetes, and joint inflammation.  So we finish up the interview and I realize this person is not going to choose to work with me.  No biggie as I have many great clients.  As he is leaving I thought I would ask this multi millionaire a question.  I asked him, “Sir if I cut my rates in half would you choose to workout with us?”  He said, “Yes” he would.  He proceeded to explain that my rates were just too expensive.  I finished our conversation by explaining that I could not lower my rates and I was sorry that he couldn’t afford my services.

As I watched this man go out to drive his 100,000 dollar car many thoughts went through my mind.  Is the value of his health worth more than that car he is driving?  Is the value of his health worth more than the rolex he was wearing?  Is the value of his health worth more than the expensive country club lifestyle?  Obviously, to this person all those material possessions were worth more to him than working with me and allowing us to improve his health.  Which by the way I have never had a client work with me more than 3 months and not significantly improve many areas of their health.  This person obviously doesn’t value his health or his own body.    This person would probably not be a good client anyway and I was not upset by the lack of a sale.  I am just using this post to make us all think about our priorities.

I am asking you, what is your health worth?

Yours Truly,