Muscle Building Journaling: Strength Training

Last week I talked about the importance of accurately tracking Macronutrients.  Today, I want to discuss the importance 0f Tracking Your Strength Training.

Having worked with many athletes and even general population clients over the years I have found that at least 90% have no record of their strength workouts.  They have no idea the program that produced the greatest strength improvements and subsequent lean mass changes.

If you have Not been keeping PRECISE records of your workouts go out today and get a Workout Journal Notebook.  It doesn’t matter what kind you get just get some form of notebook.  I know many folks are using their phones to record data and that is fine but remember you need to keep this data for years.

Include in Journal:

1. Time and Date of Workout

2. Muscle Group Trained and your List of Exercises

3. Resistance and number of Repetitions Completed

4. Time To Complete Workout

5. Qualitative info: Were you sore from the prior workout?  Did you feel exceptionally good?  What might be the cause of a positive or negative workout, by evidence of your STRENGTH?

The more records you have the better you can assess a training program now and more importantly in the FUTURE.

Stay Strong,