January 1, 2009


New Years Day Workout.

I started off the year with a great workout.  I decided to train in a straight set fashion on the weekly training days.  Training this way includes completing all sets for an exercise before moving on to the next exercise.  Rest intervals are generally around 45 seconds.  With such limited rest intervals we aren’t getting complete recovery. 

The intensity of this workout was incredible.

Flat Hammer Presses 115 per arm x 17,14,12,12

Pulldowns 255 lbs x 12,10,9,9

Calf Slide Machine 6 plates x 20,20,18

1 arm Row Machine 130 lbs x 10,10

Lateral Raise Machine 130 x 12,10,10,8

Dip machine 200 lbs x 12,10,10,8

Leg Presses Leverage Machine 6 plates x 40, 8 plates x 40,30

Strive Curl Machine 80 lbs x 12,10,9,8

As you can see I added a fourth set to many of the exercises.  We are doing this to push our bodies to adapt to higher levels of training.  I couldn’t believe I completed this workout in about 33 minutes.  Total sets for the workout was around 28 sets.  That is an average of almost 1 set a minute.  That’s intensity folks.

Have a Great Day,