Upper Lower Strength Routine

I would have to say a basic upper lower split training routine is one of my favorite ways to train. I have written about it in both Leave No Doubt training manuals. Volume 2 goes into great detail.

Most of the time I like to train with quite a bit of volume. At least 4 sets of every exercise with various rep ranges. For upper body we usually train in the 10-15 rep range and lower body is performed in 20 plus rep ranges. I like to train quite fast with limited rest periods. However I think its important to rest enough to be able to give your best to each set.
Here is an example of my upper body routine.

Flat presses
Close grip presses
Lateral raises seated
Reverse grip pullups

Lower body day
Leg presses
Calf Presses
Back ext
Leg curls
Seated Calf Raises

Most workouts are complete in 45 minutes. Short rest intervals and relatively heavy is my motto. The bottom line is at the end of the workout you must evaluate if you did your best recruiting the desired muscle groups.

Weekly set up
Monday Upper
Tuesday Lower
Thursday Upper
Saturday Lower


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