Workout Pictures From Today

Today me and my dad went to the gym and I left him in charge of taking some pics.  They actually turned out pretty good.  He said he would charge me 50 bucks an hour which I thought was reasonable.  We settled on me buying him a dinner.  Just kiddin: )

Today’s workout looked like this

Incline Smith Presses 225 x 22,14,10   rca_0010

Pullups bodyweight x 24,15,14,12,10,10

Close Grip Incline Presses 185 x 14,10,8

Seated Lateral Raises 40 lb dumbbells x 12,10,8

1 arm preacher curls 40 lbs x 14,12,10

Leg Presses 6 plates x 40,8plates x 40,40

Calf Presses 6 plates x 50,8 plates x 40,40  rca_0022

A Great workout.  I am such a believer in high frequency total body training.  Study all of my articles associated with routine 2.  Just click the routine 2 category on the right hand side of this blog.

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Workout Intensity Revisited


Today I was running a little late.  I decided to go to James River to do my workout that way I could change and get to my appointments.  I am hesitant to workout at the same place I train clients because it is hard to get in the work without being interrupted.  I got to the gym and no one was in the weight room.  I put my headphones on with some good music and was ready to attack.   Again today, I trained in straight set fashion.  Completing all desired sets for each exercise before moving to the next exercise.  Each set I had about 45 seconds rest before attacking the next set.  I really like training quickly which allows me to remain focused on the muscle group being trained.  Every time you start a set your focus should be on recruiting the desired muscle group and attacking it.  Pushing your body to higher levels of fitness.  Pushing your body to levels never achieved.  Here is today’s workout:

Incline Barbell Presses 225 lbs x 14,8,6,5,

Pulldowns 255lbs x 10,8,8

Incline Barbell Close Grip Presses for Triceps 185 lbs x 10,8,7

Row T bar Supported 135 lbs x 14,12,10

Seated Lateral Raises 40 lb dumbbells x8,8,7

Preacher Curls not sure of the weight of the bar but added 4o lbs to the bar x 25,20,20

45 degree leg press 6 plates x 40,40,50

45 degree calf press 1 legged 6 plates x 30,30,30

Focus on the desired muscle groups and push yourself farther than you thought humanly possible.

Total Time 38 minutes

In Higher Fitness,



January 8, 2009


I got up this morning very late.  We didn’t get much sleep last night, my son fell off the high chair and hit his head very hard on the floor.  Every few hours I got up to check on him.  He seems fine thank goodness.  But needless to say my sleep wasn’t very good.

However, I did make it to the gym to hit the weights.  I had about 30 minutes to get in my workout which really isn’t enough.  I decided going in to the workout that I would perform 2 working sets of every exercise.  I would perform all exercises in a straight set fashion.


Flat Hammer Machine Presses 115 lbs per arm x 25,14

Pulldowns 255lbs x17,12

Calf Slide Machine 1 legged 6 plates x25,23

Lateral Raise Machine 110 lbs x 12,11

1 arm Cybex Row machine 130 lbs x 12,10

Dip machine Cybex 210 lbs x 20,15

Cybex Horizontal Leg Presses 310 lbs x 30,30

Cybex Curl Machine 110 lbs x 20,18

Believe it or not I completed this workout in about 25 minutes.  I was very tempted to skip this workout today but am very glad I didn’t.  Actually, the intensity of this workout was very high.  Each exercise did recruit a ton of muscle.  Saturday’s workout won’t be so rushed since I won’t be working.  I will probably complete 3 working sets of all exercises then.

I am very pleased with my results from this workout.  This workout routine is so powerful.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments sections or on the forum.



Our Two Most Productive Routines


Lets briefly describe our two most powerful training routines.  Both routines work very well at building muscle and losing bodyfat.

The first routine is our A B Split routine.  This routine involves splitting the body into an upper and lower training days.  So your A day would be upper body training and the B day would consist of training your lower body.  I write about this in great detail in my ebook Leave No Doubt Training manual V2.  You can read that ebook here on the site just click the link.

Basically the AB split routine includes 6 exercises each training day for upper body or lower body.  For upper body I suggest choosing a Chest Press, Pulldown, Row, Curl, Tricep Extension, and a Shoulder press or lateral raise.  For lower body I suggest a Squat, lunge, or leg press, a Standing calf raise or seated calf raise, back extension or deadlift, abdominal crunch and maybe a hamstring curl.  Here at our facility we train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Monday would be A, Wednesday would be B, and Friday would be A again.  The next week would resume with B on Monday etc, etc.

The second routine  is our total body training system.  This routine is characterized by choosing 8 exercises per training day.  One exercise per major muscle group.  Exercises for chest, upper back and a rowing exercise, shoulder exercise, bicep, tricep, quads, and a calf exercise.  Usually we perform at least 3 sets of every exercise.   Our rep ranges and exercise do vary slightly from day to day.  Study routine 2 within this blog.

There you have a summary of 2 of our most powerful training routines.  Like I have said many times it is not so much the routine that produces results as it is the effort you apply.

Yours Truly in Greater Fitness,



January 5, 2009


Got up  early this morning to attack the weights.  Performed all exercises in straight set fashion.  Goal for today was to train with as much volume per minute.  Perform a set rest about 40 seconds then go again.  Attack, Attack, Attack.

Flat Hammer Presses 135 lbs per arm, 11,8,7,5

Pulldowns 255 lbs x 10, 270 lbs x 7,6,6

Leg Presses 6 plates x 30, 8 plates x 20,30,30

Lateral Raise Machine 110 lbsx 12,10,9

High Hammer Row 170 lbs per arm x 14,12

1 arm rope pushdowns 40 lbs x 10,10,8

Strive Curl Machine 80 lbs x 12,10,10

Calf Slide Machine 6 plates x 25,25,22 1 legged

Total Workout time 35 minutes.

Effort was very high.  Each set was taken very close to a point where another rep was impossible.  I encourage you to train with the same levels of effort.  Strive to improve every workout.  Complete one more rep or train a little heavier.  Demand more from each week.

You are capable of much more than you could ever imagine.



December 26, 2008 Michael’s Training Log


I got up early this morning to workout before my early appointments.  This morning I decided I wanted to shock my body with a totally different set-rep program.  My plan was to do 80-100 reps per exercise.  I wanted to complete these reps by performing a drop set.  I started each exercise with about 80% of my normal working resistance performed as many reps as possible then reduced the resistance about 15-20% performing as many reps as possible, then further reducing the resistance again.  Repeating this sequence until I completed 80-100 reps.  Here is the exact workout.

Flat Cybex Chest Press  Stack for 20, reduced resistance completed 15 more reps, reduced resistance completed 10 more reps, reduced resistance complete 10 more rep, etc, etc

Pulldowns  stack  for 20 reps, reduced resistance etc, etc,

Calf Slide Machine 6 plates total for 50 reps rested 20 seconds 20 more reps, rest 20 seconds 15 more reps

Cybex Row Machine stack for 15 reps, drop the resistance 10 reps , etc.

Lateral Raise Machine 90 lbs for 2o reps, drop resistance, etc

Cybex Curl Machine 110 lbs for 20 reps drop resistance, etc

Cybex Dip Machine 200 lbs for 20 reps, drop resistance, etc

Leverage Leg Presses 6 plates for 40 reps, 8 plates for 40 reps, 8 plates for 30 reps.  I performed the leg press in straight set fashion.

Generally for all the exercises I started with a resistance I could complete 20 reps.  After I completed the 20 reps I dropped the resistance and once again completed as many reps as possible until I got to 80 total reps for the exercise.

This workout was very, difficult.  The workout was definitely a nice change.   I may add in this type of workout every week or so.

Remember the level of effort you apply is proportional to your results.