Attacking The Weights


Today I entered the gym again ready to attack.  I was going to strive to go to another level.  Again I wanted to train in straight set fashion.  Completing all sets before moving on to the next exercise.   Training this way allows me to focus on that one muscle group before moving to the next exercise.  Rest intervals were about 40-45 seconds.  Except for leg presses which were probably about 1 minute.

Low Hammer Machine Chest Press  205 per arm x 12,10,9,7

Pulldowns 255lbs x 10, 270 lbs x 8,7,6

Hammer Machine Shoulder Presses 160lbs per arm x 5, 135 lbs per arm x 10,9

1 arm Cybex  Rows  150lbs x 6, 130 lbs x10

Standing Calf Raises 90 lbs 1 legged x 20, 120 lbs x 12,12

Horizontal Leg Presses 250 lbs x 30, 310 lbs x 30,30

Cybex Tricep Extension 130 lbs x 12,10,10

Strive Curl Machine 80 lbs x 12,10,10

Total Time 35 minutes

Great workout.  I really think I need to take a few days off for recovery.  I just hate to with this success.

I have gained so much lean muscle tissue performing this workout.  My conditioning is out of this world.  So much for body building theories of extended recovery times.  In fact, by training muscle groups so infrequently you may be severely limiting your progress.

Michael T