Week Of Training With Mr. USA

Current Workout In Preparation for fall Pro Shows.



Flat Hammer Machine Press 10 sets of 5

Low Hammer Machine Press 10 sets of 15-20


Wrist Curls 2 sets  Wrist Extensions 2 sets

20 minutes of elliptical


Hamstrings Seated Leg Curls 10 sets of 5

1 legged Standing Calf Raises 10 sets of 10-15

Seated Calves 3 sets of 20

Back Extensions 3 sets of 20

Crunch Machine 2 sets of 15-20


Pullups 12 sets of as many as possible

Rows 8 sets 10-15

Posterior Delts 5 sets of 8-10

20 minutes of elliptical


Shoulders and Traps

Hammer Machine Shoulder Press 3 sets of 10-12

Seated lateral Raises 4 sets of 10

Cable laterals 4 sets of 8-10

Shrugs 5 sets of 10-15

Crunch Machine 4 sets of 10-15



Preacher Curl Machine 10 sets of 10

Rope Pushdowns 10 sets of 10-20

Incline Dumbbell Curls 5 sets of 10

1 arm pushdowns 5 sets of 10

20 minutes of elliptical



1 legged leg presses 10 sets of 20-30 per leg

So there you go a snapshot of last weeks training.  Strength workouts last no longer than 40 minutes.  All sets are taken very close to failure.  The main goal of every workout is to make sure each muscle group has been trained to extreme levels of exhaustion and muscle fiber recruitment.  To me the resistance is secondary to making certain we are training each muscle group with super high levels of effort and intensity.  As you can see I am a believer in volume.  Every time I enter the weight room complete focus is on the muscle group we are training.

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Fat Loss Momentum

As I enter my 4th week of competition prep I now feel unstoppable.  I have strung together 4 weeks of complete nutritional compliance.  No foods were consumed that were not on my plan.  I started my contest prep at a weight of 215 or so and today I weighed in at about 200.  Each day I feel more and more aggressive in my attack toward getting super lean and winning at this level of competition.  I did not feel this power in the first few weeks of preperation. 

You must get this type of momentum going in your own fatloss journey.  Get yourself a plan and stick to 100% for 4 weeks.  I promise after 4 weeks of near perfect execution you will be unstoppable.  Just give me 4 weeks.

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Mr. USA’s Current Nutrition Plan

I get a lot of emails wanting to know my nutrition strategy.  So today, I thought I would give specifics about my current plan.  Keep in mind this plan will change in days and weeks to come to keep my fat loss moving.  However, right now this strategy is producing about 1.5 lbs of fat loss per week at current activity levels.  You must remember this plan works for me and will probably not be appropriate for you.

I keep training and diet pretty simple.  If I have to think too much about things I don’t follow through.  You will see I don’t prepare a lot of food.  Just my backpack full of oatmeal, MicellTechProtein, BCAA’s, Glutamine, Vitamins (micronutrients)

Meal 1 445 am

1 cup oats

2 scoops MicellTechProtein

2 grams of fish oil


Meal 2  9 am

1 cup oats

1.5 scoops MicellTechProtein

Meal 3 12 pm

1 cup oats

1.5 scoops MicellTechProtein

2 grams of fish oil

Meal4 3pm

1 cup oats

1.5 scoops MicellTech Protein


Meal 5  5pm

1 cup oats

1.5 scoops MicellTechProtein

Meal 6  7pm

6 ounces of turkey breast or chicken breast

large serving of greens

2 grams of fish oil

Total Macronutrient totals are around 300 g protein, 300 g carbohydrates, 55 grams of fat

Yes, I wish I took time to eat more solid food.  During the week I am so busy working that its hard to make time.  I use the protein and oatmeal to meet my carb and protein needs.  Its super easy to pack, measure, and know exactly what I am consuming.  Keeping it simple.

If you have any questions let me know.  Please feel free to post in the comments or go to my forum.



Mr. USA’s Current Road To The World Championships

As I wrote in the forum I have decided to make a dramatic shift in my training program.  OK, I know I just wrote that article below about a training program.  However, after much thought and discussion with my “yoda” (friend I bounce ideas off, who wants to remain unknown) 🙂  I have decided we must go with what we know will allow for complete recovery, and allow some recovery space for extra frequency on my weak bodypart.  Which for me is obviously, my quads.  Especially, the left quad as we are still recovering from transplant surgery.

This new plan will involve training 6 days per week hitting each muscle group directly just once per week.   Each session, that muscle group will get pummeled with tons of volume, intensity and effort.  Training will be measured and quantified but we will have a lot of room in there for unplanned craziness.  This program is set up almost identical to my training program for my 1999 overall victory in Oklahoma.  I was totally shredded and didn’t do any cardio in preparation.

Here is the weekly set up

Monday Chest, Forearms

Tuesday low back, Hamstrings, calves

Wednesday Upper Back

Thursday Shoulders

Friday Biceps, Triceps

Saturday Quads

For added leg work I will be doing 45 degree leg presses 6 plates 1 set as many reps as possible.  We will do the leg presses at the end of each workout Monday thru Thursday.  Friday we won’t do any leg work in preparation for quad work on Saturday.



This routine is outlined in GREAT DETAIL In

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Mr. USA’s Current Road To The World’s

I want to start off this post by asking you my readers, “What Can I Do To Help You Achieve Your Physique Goals?”

Answer below or on my forum HERE

Today I wanted to take some time to update everyone my current routine.  Keep in mind routines are never set in stone and must have room for change.  If you follow my blog you will see I train a number of different ways.  I vary my frequency, volume, intensity, duration, and many other factors.   When designing training programs you must allow time to recover.  However, how much recovery time is a debatable topic.  I do believe measuring recovery is like hitting a moving target.  Sometimes you hit and you miss a whole lot.  As of late though I have found quite a lot of success increasing frequency.

So here is my plan for the next few weeks.  Now keep in mind I am battling to win the world championships and a very experienced athlete.  This routine may not be for you.  You may not be able to recovery.  Give it a try and see if it works.

Training days will be 6 days per week with Sundays scheduled as off.

Monday and Thurs

Chest Shoulders and Triceps

Flat Chest Presses 3 sets of 10-20

Incline Presses 3 sets of 10-20

Shoulder Presses 3 sets of 10-20

Lateral Raises 3 sets of 10

Close Grip Presses 3 sets

Pushdowns 3 sets

Tuesday and Friday

Back Biceps and Forearms

Pullups 6 sets of as many as possible

Rows 3 sets of 10 ish

Posterior Delt Raises 3 sets of 10ish

Preacher curls 3 sets

Incline Curls 3 sets

Forearms wrist curls and extensions

Wednesday and Saturday

Quads, Hams, Calves and abs

Leg Presses, Lunges, or Split squats 8-10 sets

Standing Leg Curls 6 sets

Back Extensions 2 sets

Standing calf Raises 6 sets

Crunches 3 sets

We will see how this goes.  Training 6 days per week could take a major toll on my body.  Workouts will definitely be short and intense.  I will focus on maximum stimulation per set and reps.

If you feel you need an extra day of rest in there definitely take it.  You could combine days together once in a while so you still are on the same plan.

Get sleep, eat well , drink tons of water, and stay stress free.

Onward, Michael

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