December 27, 2008 Michael’s Training Log


I met some friends at the gym today to get in some training.  I had a great workout today.  Definitely strong and got in some great work.

Flat Bench Press 225 x 20,18

Pullups x 20,20,20,18

Close Grip Presses 225 x 10,114

Seated Lateral Raises 30 lbs x 25,25

Seated Calf Raises 180 lbs x 30,30

Leg Presses 6 plates x 80-100 for 2 sets

Preacher Curls 50 lbs x 30,30

Freaking phenomenal workout.  This program has produced huge gains for me and my clients.  Study this routine 2 and get after it.  Give it 8 weeks and tell post up your results.


I want to discuss a topic me and my wife were discussing this morning.  We were talking about raising our children and the importance of them having confidence in their abilities.  Folks, I want to tell you that I believe you can accomplish anything.   I believe if you are willing to work hard enough, long enough anything is possible.  I want to instill that belief in my boys.  I also want my clients to believe.

To me the real questions are:

How bad do you want it?

Are you willing to endure to achieve?  Are you sure about that?

Are  you willing to persevere even when everything in you tells you to stop?

The sky is the limit.  Lets go for it.


The video below is of my buddy Chris benching.