Sorry for my absence!

I apologize for my absence here.  Looking through some of the analytics I realize this site is getting a ton of traffic even though I haven’t contributed so I figured I owed it to those that are coming here to add some content.

i have written a lot here the last few years about the importance of proper exercise selection.  I think that choosing the correct exercises for you is vital to your long term success.  This is one of the biggest mistakes I see with some of the fad exercise programs available today.  Programs are filled with exercises that are either dangerous for most trainees or are just not effective at placing enough tension on the desired muscle groups.  Guys just because everyone is doing a fad exercise program doesn’t mean it is the best and certainly doesn’t prove it is effective.  I know many training programs are pushing Olympic lifting for athletes and to be Frank I am totally against Olympic lifting.  To my knowledge there is no scientific studies conducted to demonstrat Olympic lifting is more effective than basic progression in basic  exercise programming.  By basic programming I am referring to flat, incline, overhead presses, rows, pull-ups pull downs, curls, close grip presses, tricep extensions, squats, leg presses, lunges, standing calf raises, you see where I am going here.  All of the exercises I have listed allow for immediate progression in the early weeks of training without weeks and months of submaximal technique work that has to be present with Olympic lifting.


I know a lot of this type of fad training is fun but again that does not mean it is the most effective safe way to train.  My message is train progressively choosing exercises that work for you and you will build muscle and lose fat.  I could care less about what is a popular training model of a certain business or brand.

Stop The Madness

I suppose today I am going to rant a little so if you don’t like it you don’t have to read on.  Guys and gals that read my site I want you to know that I appreciate you and if you want to respond feel free to do so in the comments below.

When will the Madness Stop?!

I am referring to the commericalization of fitness and health in general?  Every where I look is more bull.  Everyone is trying to make a buck selling potions, pills, or idiotic training methods stating that the person in the commercial acheived their physique using some bogus training method or taking this junk supplement.  I have a client that came in this morning that went to a supplement store and said he was basically attacked by a sales person pushing him to buy some **** supplement that they guaranteed would accelerate his results.  What a Joke:)  This is the same store that I get competitors every year not being able to compete in our natural event because they have sold some junk supplement that is a “Hormone booster.”  When I call them to ask this store about it they don’t even know the ingredients or at what dosage the ingredients in question are at.  But, yet this supplement is the magic bullet to accelerate your gains.   This is ****, folks ****.  I am tired of it and I am talking today.

Another example, I turned on the TV last night, which I rarely get to do because my kids like to play, I digress..  Anyway, some guy was on TV raving about his new training method of dancing around and punching in the air calling it interval training.  You should see this guy, he had some major muscle and was lean, and I can tell you with almost 100% certainty he does not perform ONLY this program and have hypertophied muscle like he has.  He most certainly lifts some serious weights.  But, the program implies that THIS particular program has produced his dramatic transformation.  No way, do I believe that. Perhaps this program does burn calories but I can assure you to build muscle you must strength train.

Another example is the hormone or whatever the heck it is that is marketed toward women as some dramatic fat loss, junk.  Supposedly, you go on a 500 calorie per day diet and this product magically accelerates fat loss.  It ain’t the supplement, it is consuming the 500 calorie per day diet that results in the fat loss.  Guess what, there is no way you can continue with a 500 calorie per day diet for the rest of your life, so what do you think happens when you increase daily calories.  Duhhh, you gain weight and usually more weight than you had before.

Alright, I will be good tomorrow!

OK, I  am starting to feel better already.


Sensible diet, Strength Training (so you can become the incredible hulk :)), and some well planned cardiovascular training.

Live it, there are probably no real shortcuts.

Laser Focus Training is the Answer.


Leave No Doubt

Are you working hard enough as to “Leave No Doubt” that success will come?  Only you know, but I know I have been slacking.  It is time to get after some hard work and achievement.  Attack life!

Check out this Awesome Video and Let me know what  you think in the Comments 🙂

Leave No Doubt West Virginia Coach Bill Stewart



Pricing of Fitness Training Services

It seems lately I have been getting quite a bit of inquiring about what I charge for my training services.  It appears that there are some “trainers” in the Springfield area charging very low rates (<25 dollars per session) for one on one training.  As a business owner with rent, insurance, utilities, and all the other costs of doing business, I cannot imagine training individuals at such a low rate.  As I was searching the Internet on this topic I found a great article by Seth Godin that illustrates my feelings on this topic.

Do you think a professional trainer can afford to train individuals at such a low rate and actually be “professional?”

I consider myself a professional and support my family by my training business.

I have at least as many years of education as most lawyers, doctors, and nurses and frankly I bet I have more experience in my field.

Would you expect a lawyer or doctor to charge very low rates?

If they did charge very low rates, wouldn’t you seriously question the qualifications of this “professional?”

Perhaps the problem really is that these very low training rates are being performed by unqualified individuals?

The industry is filled with trainers with no formal education, college degree, and or very little experience.

So in response to the cost of my services.

My services are going to be priced accordingly.  One on one training is my most expensive training program per session, but I offer small group training that is quite affordable and priced at a point that should meet the needs of many individuals.

If you are a fitness trainer with real knowledge, and experience you too deserve to be paid a “professional’s wage.”

My services are focused on the best training knowledge I have available through years of experience.  No, I cannot run a successful business charging low prices per session.  I can get you in the best shape of your life and to me that is more important than the cost of my programs.

By the way, we have a brand new Transformation Program starting Next Monday, which is very affordable.  I think most would find it to be very affordable and I guarantee you will transform your physique in matter of weeks.    Just show up:)


Changes at Build Muscle Lose Fat

Wow, I just finished watching my oldest sons first baseball practice.  Pretty cool, I wonder if he will find a love for baseball like I did.  I still think baseball is the greatest game on the planet.  I know the Springfield area is in love with the Orange ball, but in my opinion there is something special about baseball. 

I want to let you guys know there is going to be a HUGE transformation coming to this site and a launch of ………..

I do not want to get too specific yet, but lets just say it will not just be an information product but a coaching experience.

Our training book should be done in the next few weeks.  Along with this book. we are also launching a very cool, awesome, fantastic, cool, awesome, program to go with it.  Gosh, I have had too much caffeine today.  I digress….  This book is based on training that I know will transform your physique, it won’t be easy but nothing worth having is.   If you perform the core (not talking about abs :))routine in this book for 8 weeks you will have more muscle, and less fat.  You have my word on that!   I won’t make unheard of claims like 20 pounds of muscle in 60 days, which we all know or should know is not possible.

This strength routine is different than any program you have ever seen or tried.  Less than 3 hours of laser focused strength training per week that will transform your knowledge of training and your physical body, more muscle, less fat.  This program is a culmination of 25 years of training experience, my scientific research, and training clients from all demographics (over 20,000 sessions supervised).  Yes that is correct, 20,000 supervised sessions (1000 sessions per year for at least 20 years).  This program will save you thousands of dollars (hiring a trainer who may or may not know anything), and years of frustrated effort.  What is your time worth?

If you want to build muscle and lose fat, this program is for you.  No P90X stuff either.  Just real training based on what works.  No hype, no inflated claims, no smoke or mirrors, just results.  Results that real clients have experienced in my training center.  Again, it won’t be easy but if you want change this is the product that will get it done.

Well, I better go for today.

Tomorrow, not so much coffee:)

Stay Strong,





Birthday Lesson

My birthday was yesterday and Friday evening I had some problems come up that needed to be taken care of immediately.  I spent all evening Friday and into the morning early Saturday attempting to fix this problem.  On top of this problem, I had a ton of grading to do as I teach some online classes that were ending this weekend.   I found some folks that could fix this problem but I thought, “Heck I can fix it my self.”  So I worked at least 4 hours Friday and 4 hours Saturday morning with no success.  My wife kept saying, “Mike hire the pros and get it fixed so you can get on with grading papers and celebrating your birthday.” 

 Finally Saturday morning, I paid an expert 90 bucks to fix this problem and within 10 minutes the issue was resolved. 

Lesson: I should have hired the pros Friday evening and gotten this issue resolved quickly and efficiently.  Being cheap and stubborn often costs you much more in time and lost productivity. 

2nd lesson: was that I should have listened to my wife early.  She mentioned Friday evening to get someone on it and forget about it. 

Being cheap and stubborn is often just stupid.  I have a problem with being stubborn and feeling like I can figure things out.  The issue got resolved early Saturday morning but not after I had spent at least 8 hours on it and a ton of stress.

Gosh, I wish I would have hired the pros early Friday evening enabling me to get my work done late Friday evening and being able to enjoy the whole day Saturday (Birthday).

I guess it is sort of like hiring a fitness coach.  Yes, you MAY eventually figure out the best ways to train and diet to achieve your goal.  But, this process will require many, many years of frustration, lost time, and energy.  Hire an expert with many years of experience which will allow you to start your program with the most efficient methods and dramatically save you time and energy.  Unless you like wasting time and energy trying to figure it out 🙂

In my case, surely the 8 hours of time I spent was worth more that the 90 bucks I spent to get the issue fixed quickly.

That’s my Birthday Lesson.  I can tell you the next time I am hiring an expert and forgetting about it.  No stress and wasted time.

Stay Strong,




One Concept for Building Muscle and Losing Fat

As I sit in the coffee shop today day thinking about one piece of advice I could give to help with your success in transforming your physique.  I look back over the years of experimenting, reading, studying, dieting, competing, training clients, and everything that I have put into my work of finding the most efficient ways to Build Muscle and Lose Fat.  Achievement really comes down to ONE concept.

One concept will eventually lead you to success.

One concept that will allow you to Build Maximum Muscle.

One concept that will guarantee achievement of fat loss.

One concept that will lead you to victory in any field, especially in physique development.

One concept that will allow you to discover the best ways to exercise program and diet.

One concept that will set you apart from the crowd, even if today you are miles from your goal.

So what is that one concept?

As I look back, I realize I have tried about every training and diet plan imaginable.  Dieting, I have experimented with low carb, carb cycling, high carb, moderate carb, high protein, low fat, and on and on…  Training I have exercised using high frequency, low frequency, low volume, high volume, high repetitions, low repetition, and on and on…

So what is the answer?  What is the best method?  I know you guys want answers right? 🙂  We all want to know the one magic routine or method?   I know, I have been there and I still look. “Give me a strategy that will work forever or even just for a little while.”  Surely there is one best way to train and diet?  Or is there?  What is this one concept, that will allow you to transform your physique.

Drum Roll Please…….

Don’t Look 🙂

CONSISTENCY.  Is the one Concept that will propel you to your goal.  Without consistency in applying your methods you will never be able to determine if a method is working for you.  You must experiment at times with training and dieting to find the most efficient methods for your body and your goals.  This experimenting will probably take weeks of consistent execution to access the effectiveness.  For instance, I trained for 4 years doing high frequency training early in my career.  This was before any real science was available, and in fact we don’t have much today anyway.  I thought that the best way to train was to train 2 times per day, 6 days per week, and training each muscle group 3 times per week.  As I think back, I was always exhausted and making very little progress.  But, I was doing what I thought was best.

Then I met a competitor who encouraged me to train each muscle group once per week, cutting my training days to 4 days per week.  I did not believe this could be effective and tried to find some research for or against any method.  This led to a dead end as there was no real work in muscle recovery.  I went in the gym and gave this method a try for a month or so.  Like just 1 month was going to dramatically change my physique.  Back then I thought a month was a long time but now I see that a month is not near the time necessary to really assess the effectiveness.  So I only gave it about a month of effort and soon abandoned it to go back to my normal high frequency training (comfort).  Many now would call this type of training  “overtraining.” but I had never heard of overtraining.

I kept this high frequency training approach up a few more years and finally a friend encouraged me to give the one time per week approach another try.  This time I committed to 6 months of consistent effort to the new program.  Sure enough I did gain lean mass as evident by an increase in competition weight at the next show.  If only I had given this approach a consistent effort for a number of months before passing judgement the first time. However, the experience was very valuable in my development both physically and mentally.   I was so young with little experience and as I look back I realize I was drastically short circuiting my progress by such a high frequency, high volume, and unbalanced approach for at least 5 years.

I do believe higher frequency training can work and I see now that I was trying to do too many sets and too much total volume for it to be effective.  The same could be said about nutrition.  Though, I do believe a nutritional intervention can be assessed much quicker.

Give your best consistent effort to every training and dietary approach you attempt for a period of time.  When we are dealing with training you should probably give a program at least 3 months.  Do not change your program every week looking for something wrong with your current plan.  Be consistent and take measurements.  Eventually, the answers will come to you, but the time necessary is usually longer than you think.

One way to dramatically accelerate your progress is to get good coaching.  Hire a coach who has built their body naturally, if that is your goal.  Do not seek coaching from someone who has not walked the path you are on.

Stay Strong,


P.S. Even if you have the best training and nutritional strategies available, achievement will take Consistent effort for an extended period of time.


Hamstring and Calf Training For Maximum Muscle


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Last time I posted an example of my hamstring and calf workout I received some emails asking me why I did not include deadlifts in my routine. Answer:  I have a major back injury actually it is multiple injuries and … Continue reading