Free Ebook/Workout Challenge

Here is today’s workout.  Remember if you participate next week by commenting in each day’s workout you will receive my ebook LNDV1. 

Next Week on Thursday the workout will be the same as today. 

Chest And Biceps

Incline Presses 225 x 12,10,8,8,8,8

1 arm preacher curls 40 lb dumbbells x 10,10,9,9,10,8

Flat Presses 225 x 6,7,6,6,6,8

Incline Dumbbell Curls 40 lbs x 10,8,8,7,7,10

Wrist Curls 40 lb dumbbells in each hand x 15,15

Wrist Extensions 30 lb dumbells in each hand x 10,10

Total Workout time 30 minutes.

Give this workout a try.  Rest intervals were about 45 seconds.  Post up your workout results in the comments below. 

Free Training Ebook

Alright Recieve My Ebook Free for participation.  Recieve Leave No Doubt Training Manual V1 for participation in our workouts next week.  You must participate in all four of our strength workouts next week.

Next week we will follow the exact same workouts as those that will be posted this week.  Workout days are Mon, Tues, Thurs,and Saturday.  I will post the workouts and the results of my workouts in the comments section.  You must participate in each of the 4 days comments by posting your workout there.

After the week of training and posting your comments for all four days you will receive my ebook LNDV1 which is an awesome ebook.  Packed with tons of routines and information.

Have a Great Day,