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What a great spring we are having in Springfield.  I have a huge weekend planned with Mother’s Day, a Superstar client competing in bikini and attending another clients horse race.  No, I don’t train horses so don’t ask :).  Actually some of my clients are as tough as horses, but that is another story.

On to the meat of the post.

First off, this site is taking off as far as traffic and I want to THANK YOU guys big time for sending links to friends and family to read my stuff.  With this increased traffic I realize that I need your help.


What can I do to improve this site as far as content?

What topics would you like to see discussed?

Perhaps it is a fad in fitness or a nutritional intervention?  Anything to do with building muscle and losing fat we could discuss.

If you get a chance:

1.  Post in the comments, exactly what you would like to see added.  What could I do with this site to better serve you guys.

2. Complete the poll above.  The poll only has 4 options but we are not limited to 4.  If you would like to see additional options added let me know in the comments and I can add them.

THANK YOU guys for reading my entries and forwarding the information to others.

If you get time Please Fill Out The Poll and or Comment Below with Additional Considerations

Thank you guys so much 🙂