Childhood Obesity

Today I would like to discuss a huge problem in our society.  Lets discuss childhood obesity.  I certainly don’t want you to think this post is all doom and gloom as I have seen some positive changes the last couple years.  As I look around, going to public places I see so many children with weight problems.  Children are not physically active and consume way to many processed foods.  We have a group of kids these days that don’t want to go out and play but rather stay inside and play video games.  Well, that’s obvious isn’t it?

I can remember, as most of you probably remember, coming home every day excited to play outside with my neighbors.  When I drive through our neighborhood I rarely see children outside.  Combine this lifestyle of lack of activity with a sedentary school situation you have a disaster.  Physical Education in many schools is very limited.  In elementary school most children get maybe 30 minutes of PE 2 times per week.  Children have little recess time as well.  All in an effort to raise our childrens performance academically.  What good will high academic performance do if that child has heart disease before they are 35?  We need to establish balance in our childrens education.  A balance of mental and physical activity.

So now we have a child that isn’t active and their diet is centered around processed foods.  Many children’s nutritional profile consists of soda, chips, candy, fast food, etc.  All these foods give their growing bodies very little in the way of nutrients.  These processed foods create a hormonal response in the body very similar to a drug.  This response creates an addiction to these foods.  These processed foods are converted very easily to bodyfat.  Children need plenty of lean proteins, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

My solution is to keep your children active.  Get up and play outside with your children.  Instead of investing a ton of money on video games, high def televisions, invest money in equipment that will keep your children active.  My wife and I have discussed this and I really want to have a small basketball court at my house.  Maybe putting up an outdoor batting cage and a place where our boys can play catch.  Take your children to the YMCA or Boys club to play sports.  Purchase in home fitness equipment if your children are old enough and that is something you could use.  Keep clean foods in your house.  Limit processed carbohydrates and saturated fats.  Balance here of course.  Don’t be hard on your kids about this as it will take time to shift their lifestyles.  We must model a healthy lifestyle as our children will learn by what they see us do rather than what they hear us say.

Have a Great Day and Stay Strong,