Our Two Most Productive Routines


Lets briefly describe our two most powerful training routines.  Both routines work very well at building muscle and losing bodyfat.

The first routine is our A B Split routine.  This routine involves splitting the body into an upper and lower training days.  So your A day would be upper body training and the B day would consist of training your lower body.  I write about this in great detail in my ebook Leave No Doubt Training manual V2.  You can read that ebook here on the site just click the link.

Basically the AB split routine includes 6 exercises each training day for upper body or lower body.  For upper body I suggest choosing a Chest Press, Pulldown, Row, Curl, Tricep Extension, and a Shoulder press or lateral raise.  For lower body I suggest a Squat, lunge, or leg press, a Standing calf raise or seated calf raise, back extension or deadlift, abdominal crunch and maybe a hamstring curl.  Here at our facility we train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Monday would be A, Wednesday would be B, and Friday would be A again.  The next week would resume with B on Monday etc, etc.

The second routine  is our total body training system.  This routine is characterized by choosing 8 exercises per training day.  One exercise per major muscle group.  Exercises for chest, upper back and a rowing exercise, shoulder exercise, bicep, tricep, quads, and a calf exercise.  Usually we perform at least 3 sets of every exercise.   Our rep ranges and exercise do vary slightly from day to day.  Study routine 2 within this blog.

There you have a summary of 2 of our most powerful training routines.  Like I have said many times it is not so much the routine that produces results as it is the effort you apply.

Yours Truly in Greater Fitness,