The Single Biggest Mistake Competitors Make

After 20 years of competing, coaching, researching and observing there is ONE HUGE mistake I see.  This one mistake can and does happen to even the greatest of athletes.  That mistake is coming into a competition too HEAVY.  Let me be as blunt as I possible can here.  If you don’t get lean enough you will not win.  In fact, if the show is large you will end up going home with ZERO.  No trophies or award, just an ego that is severely bruised. 

Let me explain a couple ways or thoughts to combat this defeat or less than desirable outcome.

1) Do not let your off-season body-weight exceed 15% of your contest weight.  If you have never been lean enough in a previous show I would get expert help to determine where you should be.  Bottom line, don’t get fat in your off-season.  I know its fun to be the biggest guy in the gym, but that won’t win a show.  To get freaky lean on show day you must establish an off-season weight that’s not excessive.

2) Since you aren’t super heavy in your off-season we now approach inseason dieting with very, small changes.  Small changes to your macronutrient totals, small changes through the addition of cardio, and much less stress on the immune system.  Slow steady dieting will lead to maintenance of lean body mass which will help with a much fuller, harder, and grainier appearance come the big day.

3) Fear of losing muscle tissue will kill your efforts.  Many times I hear competitors state they feel they are losing muscle during the dieting process.  Fact is, if they stayed fairly lean in the offseason their precontest diet won’t be drastic and maintainance of muscle is probable.  Another problem is very few competitors have an accurate assessment of just how much skelatal muscle they possess.  Measurement of bodyfat is VERY inaccurate.  So don’t rely on that as an assessment tool.

4) Take pictures weekly the final 12 weeks.  Pictures will not lie as painful as they are.  If you want to be successful you must be willing to pay a price.  Part of that price is taking pictures under the same conditions weekly.

5)  Hire a good coach to help with the process.  I am a great coach and I will tell you like it is.  In fact, sometimes my honesty hurts feelings.  But I am here to help you and truth will lead you to success.  Sooner or later.

Just some words of advice today.  Take it or leave it.  But you will not win if you don’t get lean enough.

How Can I Help? Build Muscle Lose Fat

I want to open this blog and my forum to help you.  Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about strength training, fat loss, muscle building, nutrition, and anything else related to health or transforming your physique.

You can post here in the comments section if you would like.  You can also go to our forum and post there.    I am here to help>  Make sure you forward this post to any friends that need help achieving their goals.

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In today s market there is so much information.  Some information is quite good.  Some information is quite poor.  As I think back over my 20 year training career I have tried just about every diet, training routine, and legal supplement  in search of the best methods to propel my physique to the highest levels of physique competition.  Despite what many experts believe about me, I am not a genetic phenomena.  I am a guy that has had to work his tail off for an incredibly long time.  Through these experiences and many defeats I have narrowed down physical transformation into some very basic principles.  Within these basic principles we have individual differences.  For instance, some folks need to cut carbs quite low to lose bodyfat while others might not need to go quite as low.  Some folks need high volume training with a lot of frequency.  While others may need much less training to get the job done.  Many variables are preset and you must learn what works best for your body through experience.

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Fat Loss Made Easy

I got your attention there didn’t I?  Well I am not sure that it is easy but it is just a matter of taking daily action.  Let me give you 3 strategies to get you going.

1) Strength train at least 3 days per week.  Study Routine 3 or Routine 2 in the categories section.  Be progressive and choose those basic exercises listed on those routines.

2) Perform cardio at least 3 days per week for 20-30 minutes.  Use the treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster, etc.  Get your heart rate up at least to 60% of you maximum heart rate.  Don’t get too hung up on heart rate just try to improve intensity of work each time you perform cardio.

3) Start writing down everything that goes into your mouth.  Cut back on your portions and drink at least 100 ounces of water per day.

There you have it.  Three basic strategies that I promise if you combine all three will move you to losing bodyfat and building back some of that lost muscle.

I highly recommend you hiring a coach.  I’ll plug myself here.  My online coaching program is awesome.  We will develop a plan together that will work for you.

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