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Guys and gals get your entry in on time. Click the link above with all the information on the entry form. Also, make sure you get your hotel which that info is on the entry as well. If you have any questions post up on the comments or the forum. I will have to approve your participation as we have a ton of spammers but I will approve.

Busy day working on show and school. School is getting crazy busy this time of year plus business. Thats what I like busy.

Gotta Go,


2009 INBF Natural Springfield Classic, November 7

Our 2009 Natural Springfield classic is coming up fast. The event is November 7 th at Missouri State University. You can see all the details on our Forum or the link above. Be sure to get your entry in on time. You can download the entry through our forum or the above link.

In response to some emails and phone calls I want to CLEAR the rumors up. I understand there is rumor being spread throughout the midwest that our show isn’t going to happen. Folks, thats an out right LIE. Our show has been scheduled on this date since last March. I understand someone out there is saying we have moved that date multiple times and that is not true. The date is set and the show will go on. We will have a great event and we will be awarding procards.

I have a feeling I know where these rumors are coming from. I really wish people would mind there Freakin business. If you have a question about my show Please email me or call me anytime. I don’t want this post to grow into a negative rant as I could easily do that. Publically, I would love to say much more but have chosen to keep my comments to a minumum.

Back to the show here on November 7th. This is going to be an awesome event. We have some of the best sponsors on the planet. The community is supporting our show even in this economy. KSPR, a local television station is sending 2 of their reporters to MC the event. KSPR is going to have some news crews there to cover the event which will be fantastic. I will be appearing on talk radio during the final few weeks.

Once again, if you have any questions or comments please direct them to me. Don’t take anyone else’s word for it especially if they are affiliated with another organization and don’t know the facts.  Goodness gracious!!!!!!!

Good luck and Stay Natural,

Michael Thomas