2010 Natural Springfield Classic

Sorry for the confusion on the date of the show.

The show is scheduled for OCTOBER 16, 2010 at Missouri State University Plaster’s Student Union

All the time will be the same as last year.

We will have entry forms up in the next 3-4 weeks along with posters.

I am sorry for any problems this may have caused with the move in date.

This was something that was out of my control but the show will go on and will be a pro qualifier in the open division.

Be sure to come out to see the BEST Natural Bodybuilding and Figure Show in the midwest.

I promise it will be AWESOME.

If you have any questions or would want to sponsor be sure to email me above.

Many blessings,

Michael Thomas

2009 Natural Springfield Missouri Classic Results and Pics

2009 INBF Natural Springfield Missouri Classic

 By Michael Thomas

 The third annual INBF Natural Springfield Missouri Classic brought 24 awesome athletes from all over the country to Springfield on November 7th, 2009.  The competition was held at Missouri State University’s Plaster Student Union.  Springfield has been a bodybuilding community and we are very pleased to bring natural bodybuilding to the area again this second year.  Our major sponsor JLA construction and owner Jennifer Arndt has made it possible to bring this event to Springfield, THANK YOU! 


Novice Figure

  1. Kristi Swift

Beginner Figure

  1. Holly Barnes
  2. Kristi Swift
  3. Lisa Gore

Master’s Figure

  1. Lisa Gore

Open Figure

  1. Danielle Small *
  2. Emily Thomas
  3. Kimberly Morris
  4. Mollie McGinnis
  5. Lisa Nobles

Fit Body

  1. Danielle Small

Teen Bodybuilding

  1. Zachary Marlow
  2. Jeremiah Christich


  1. Daniel Johnson

Submaster’s Men 45-54

  1. Al Anderson
  2. Keith Gambill
  3. Dennis Lord


  1. Adrian Shorpshire

Open Women’s Bodybuilding

  1. Jeanie Welker *
  2. Amy Fitzmaurice

Men’s Master’s 40 Plus Pro Qualifying Division

  1. Jaime Sanchez *
  2. Don High
  3. Keith Gambill
  4. Dennis Lord
  5. Adrian Shorpshire

Novice Men

  1. Keith Gambill
  2. Daniel Johnson

Open Men’s Bantomweight

  1. Zachary Marlow

Open Men’s Light weight

  1. Jason Vaughn
  2. Al Anderson
  3. Don High

Open Men’s Middle weight

  1. Sean McCauley
  2. D.J. Edwards

Open Men’s Light Heavy Weight

  1. Gerald Peil
  2. Daniel Andersen

Men’s Overall Winner

Gerald Peil *

  • Denotes Procard


Thanks to all the great athletes that participated and the sponsors and fans that have supported natural bodybuilding in the Springfield Community. The 2010 show will be better than ever and is scheduled for October 16, 2010 at Plaster student union on Missouri State Campus.

Michael Thomas

Whats Up

Hello everyone,

Sorry for my lack of updates. The show went awesome and many fine athletes graced our stage. I will have complete placings and pics up in the coming days. I do apologize for the delay but I must explain. Right now, I am in grad school and have several projects due. The biggest one my research proposal which right now is over 50 pages. I am really enthused over this project as we will be comparing high frequency training to lower frequency training. I know the results will go against what most of you are doing. 

I will be getting pics back from Mike our photographer soon. No promises but we will try to get them up when we get them. It just depends on if I get caught up here.

Thanks to everyone for coming to our event as a spectator or competitor. I enjoyed meeting many of you and if you need anything don’t hesistate to use the contact button above. As soon as this semester is over (first week of December) I promise I will have tons of updates here with lots of pics.

Many blessings,



Just got on facebook and some pics up there WOW Thanks,


2009 Natural Springfield Classic Order of Events


Opening Ceremonies

Novice Figure Walk

Open Figure Walk

Masters Figure Walk

Fit Body



Mixed Pairs


Submasters Men

Masters Men

Over 40 Masters

Open Women

Novice Men short/tall

Open Men short/tall

Novice Divisions – Competitors who are either competing in

their first contest or have never won their Novice class.

Submasters (35-44 years old). Masters (45-54 years old).

Grandmasters over 55 years old. Masters over 40 is a for

those men over 40 years old.

Novice Figure

                Kristi Swift

                Mollie McGinnis

Beginner Figure

                Lisa Gore

                Mollie McGinnis

                Holly Barnes

Open Figure

                Lisa Nobles

                Emily Thomas

                Danielle Small

                Kimberly Morris

Master’s Figure

                Lisa Gore

Fit Body

                Danielle Small

Teen Bodybuilding

                Zachary Marlow

                Jeremiah Christich


                Daniel Johnson

Mixed Pairs


Submasters Men  35-44

Submasters Men 45-54

                Dennis Lord

                Al Anderson

                Keith Gambill

Grand Masters

                Adrian Shropshire

Mens Masters 40 plus Pro q

                Don High

                Jaime Sanchez

Open Womens Bodybuilding

Light Weight

                Jeanie Welker

Heavy Weight

                Amy Fitzmaurice

Novice Men

Light Weight

Middle Weight

                Daniel Johnson

                Keith Gambill

Mens Open


                Zachary Marlow

Light Weight

                Don High

                Jason Vaughn

                DJ Edwards

                Al Anderson


                Sean McCauley

Light Heavy Weight

                Daniel Andersen


Weigh Classes are tentative, as you will need to weigh to qualify for those divisions.

If I have made a mistake please let me know.

The above is the order of events for both prejudging and finals.


2009 Natural Springfield Classic Polygraph Schedule

2009 INBF Polygraph Schedule

Friday, November 6 at Host Hotel

12 pm  Lisa Gore


1240 DJ Edwards

100 Kimberly Morris

120 Zachary Marlow

140Lisa Nobles

200 Al Anderson

220 Jeremiah Christich

240 Daniel Andersen

300 Daniel Johnson

320 Mollie McGinnis

340 Amy Fitzmaurice

400 Danielle Small


440 Keith Gambill

500  Kristi Swift

520  Sean McCauley

540 Jeanie Walker

600 Holly Barnes

620 Emily Thomas

Natural Springfield Classic Competitor Info

Good afternoon everyone,

I wanted to post here some updated information about our show.  I am also going to be posting this info on our message board at www.buildmusclelosefat.org/forum   If you have any questions you can you can shoot me an email at www.michael03champ@yahoo.com

Competitors registration will be Friday afternoon November 6th from 4-6 pm at the Comfort Inn 3370 East Battlefield Springfield MO  65804 ph. 417-520-6200.  You must be present during these hours to compete in our show.  Registration will be in a conference room within the hotel.  Front desk staff will be able to assist you with any questions you might have. Please bring a CD for posing music at this time and be prepared to weigh in.

Directions to and from the venue are at this link. I think you right click and then open link. I will also have this link available on the forum. www.buildmusclelosefat.org/forum   MAP


If you need a refrigerator in your room make sure you request one.

Please do not stain the sheets, toilet seats, showers, or carpet.  Bring your own sheets to protect the hotel sheets.  We want to make sure we take care of the hotel.  If you damage the room in any way YOU will be charged for that.

I will be posting a polygraph schedule later in the week.  You must be present for your polygraph at the scheduled time. 

Competitors meeting on Saturday will be at 8 am  Prejuding starts at 9 am sharp. 

Location of the Venue is The Plaster Student Union Theatre at Missouri State University.  The Student Union is in the middle of the campus.  I suggest you access the student union from National Street.  Heading South on National turn right onto Monroe Street.  You can park along Monroe Street or Florence Avenue.  We are able to park in any of those parking lots since it is Saturday.  After you have parked you will have to walk south on Florence until it turns to the left.  Don’t turn left you will turn right and be heading back west.  On your right should be the book store and in front of you in the distance you will eventually see a huge bear statue.  That statue sets in front of the Student Union.  The student union sets on the south side of the bear.  We will have signs up you can’t miss the building. 

Finals start at 5pm we will probably have a competitors meeting around 4pm. 

This venue is an awesome facility.  We are going to do our best to cover all areas back stage, restrooms, etc.  However, with a facility of this size there is no way we can cover everything.  Please, make sure you cover yourself when sitting on seats inside or outside the theatre or any other area located within the campus.  That tanning product is hard to get off certain surfaces. Let’s be respectful of the facility. 

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email or post questions here as others might have the same question.

Thanks and Good Luck,

Michael Thomas

INBF Natural Springfield Classic November 7


I hope this post finds everyone training hard and getting ready for our outstanding event. Needless to say my work is ramping up considerably in anticipation to the big day. I can’t wait to see all the great athletes that will step on stage. I have decided to wave the late fee at least until next week. So it is still not too late to get the entry in. Please mail that in as soon as possible. We have so much work to do that is in response to number and names of you guys and gals.

The show should be awesome. We have some local news reporters that will be our MC’s. College kids will be on campus and we should have a theatre full of them. I have seen some pics of some of you and you all look great. Finish strong and be smart, health is of supreme importance. Well, I gotta go, if you have any questions feel free to contact me through the contact form above which goes directly to my email.

Many blessings,


A pic of me last time


2009 Natural Springfield Classic Entry Deadlines

Just to keep everyone reminded. You must get entry in this week. Don’t wait another day. Below is the info posted on the entry forms. You are expected to know about this and consider this your notice this week. I know many wait till the last minute to send the entry in let me make it clearer. GET IT IN THIS WEEK.

Entry fee is $45.00 Cross over

Fee is $30.00 Polygraph Fee is $40.00

(cash paid directly to Event Polygrapher by

competitors at time of polygraph). Entries

must be postmarked no later than October

24, 2009. All entires post marked after

October 21, 2009 will be required to pay a

late fee of $50.00, NO EXCEPTIONS. Entries

are nonrefundable and NO entries will be

accepted after October 29, 2009. (You will

receive additional information by mail after

we receive your entry).

Make check to Michael Thomas

2009 Natural Springfield Classic

I hope everyone is enjoying the process of getting lean and prepping for our event. I can’t wait to meet all the great athletes that will be attending our event. Remember to get your entry in on time. By getting your entry in on time makes our life much easier. If you have any questions feel free to email me. I will have detailed competitor info out in the next 10 days or so. Make sure you get your room at our host hotel and ask for our Springfield Classic rate.

Have a Great day,