Great Leg Workout

Today was just a great leg workout and I wanted to share it with you guys. I am exactly 1 year out from my transplant surgery and the knee is getting much better weekly.  We just finished a profile article for Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness that will be out later this year that I am very excited about. 

Here is todays workout:

Leg Presses 8 sets of 50 reps with roughly 400 lbs

Calf Presses with the same weight for 6 sets of 75 reps or so.

Back Extensions for just a couple of sets adding 25 lbs

Seated Leg Curls 6 sets of 10-15 ish reps

Crunches for a couple sets

Going into this workout I wanted to try something new so to do that I decided on high rep work.  Wow, was that a great choice.

Give this workout a try.  The key is not the sets and the reps per se.  The key is the effort you apply.



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