Cardio Addition


We are going to add cardiovascular training to our current  routine.  Since, this is our offseason I don’t think we need a lot of cardio to get the job done.  We will be adding 3 sessions per week at 15-20 minutes per session.  Cardio will be an intense effort.  For most individuals I think we are better off to work very hard and limit the amount of time rather than performing long duration low intensity cardio.

Our plan will be to perform cardio on the new Star Trac elliptical machine.  This machine provides a non impact mode of cardio.  Which is great considering my knee problems.  Each session we will do our best to progress in distance covered or intensity.

For an in-depth look at my views on Cardio Study the article Cardio my Favorite Way.  Here The article is at the end of the ebook Leave No Doubt Training V1

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