Frequency Experiment

Frequency of training has been hotly debated for many years and is similar to the carb intake debate. Everyone seems to have an opinion and many are more than happy to educate you if you let them:)  I want you to think about this post and try our little experiment. Follow it exactly and by all means don’t over analyze the method. This little experiment just may help you decide on a training frequency that will lead you to More Muscle and Less Fat.

So here goes:

I want you to pick a muscle group preferably upper body pushing or pulling. These two movement patterns will result in greater reliability due to less chance for cheating during the exercise. I would choose Pullups as our experiment exercise. You could choose pulldowns if you can’t do pullups.

OK, here we go.

I want you to go to the gym on week 1, Monday or Tuesday, which every day is your first workout day of the week and do 9 sets of pullups, taking 2 minutes rest between sets. That 2 minutes should be precisely two minutes. Your pullups should be complete pullups full range of motion and chin over the bar. If you are doing pulldowns, we also want full range of motion and choose a resistance that you can get 10 reps with when fresh. After the 9 sets of pullups or pulldowns you need to record exactly how many pullups or pulldowns you performed during that workout. Again, that is 9 sets with 2 minutes rest between sets. If you are using pulldowns keep the resistance the same throughout the 9 sets. After you have finished recording everything on this first exercise and workout of the week you can proceed to the rest of your workout for the week. However, I do not want you to perform any more upper back work for the rest of the week. That includes any exercise for the upper back region, very important. I highly recommend you going ahead and getting biceps done on this day as well.

Week 2

Now we go back into the gym on the same day as the week prior, Monday or Tuesday and I want you to perform just 3 sets of the same exercise as week 1. If you did pullups that is what you perform and if you did pulldowns you perform that exercise with the same resistance as week 1. This time we just perform 3 sets with exactly 2 minutes rest. Again, record exactly the number of reps completed.

Next, 48 hours later I want you to go back to the gym and perform the same workout you just did 2 days prior. Again, recording exactly the same info.

Finally, for the third time of the week, after another 48 hours I want you to perform this very same exercise again for the same 3 sets recording the number of reps completed.

So during week 2 you are performing 3 sets of your exercise for as many reps as possible on three different occasions separated by 48 hours.

Now I want you to compare the number of reps completed During week 1, which consisted of 9 straight sets of a frequency of just once per week compared to Week 2 of training 9 total sets for the week at a frequency of 3 times per week.

Please comment in the comments section. I think our results will lead us to some answers.

Very important. Regardless of the week you must get as many reps as possible during each set. Our goal is to determine which frequency allows you to get the most work or reps completed. Give each set your best effort. Perform your experiment exercise first in your workout to eliminate fatigue and inaccuracies related.