Deltoid Training For Maximum Muscle Leave No Doubt

BUILD MUSCLE Deltoid Training:

Caution Do This Workout Only If You Want to Add Muscle to Your Physique ūüôā

I have the hardest time getting motivated to train shoulders and traps.  The current routine has them trained on their own day which does allow me to focus all my efforts on this stubborn muscle group.  Deltoids are a muscle group that I really do not feel directly during the workouts.  Even days later my deltoids are never really sore.  Generally I do not perform a lot of shoulder pressing for the shoulder training day.  I have found that if I perform shoulder presses along with chest pressing movements days later, my rotator cuffs start bothering me.  It appears the anterior deltoid is involved in most pressing movements so performing both chest and shoulder pressing within days of each other may be excessive.  On occasion, I will do a few sets of shoulder presses on shoulder day but it is usually at the end of my workout and quite light in resistance.

Most of my current shoulder routine involves lateral raises and variants of that movement.  I use to add in some posterior deltoid work on shoulder training day but have since eliminated that or cut it back to a few sets of very light weight.  I have found my posterior deltoids get a lot of stimulation during the rowing movements on back day.

Most Recent Workout:

Lateral Raises Dumbbells 35lbs x 12, 40 x 10, 45 x 8, 50 x 6, 45×8, 45 x6, 35 x15

Low Cable Lateral Raises of course 1 armed about 5 sets of 6-8

Life Fitness Lateral Raise Machine 80 lbs x 20,15,12


Barbell Shrugs  225 x 15, 275 x 8,8,8,6,225 x 10

Finished with some super high repetition dumbbell lateral raises

25 lbs x 30,30

Total workout time was about 30 minutes.

Each set taken very close to failure.  The high repetition sets allowed me to feel the target muscle group being stimulated.

Give this workout a try and by all means give yourself at least 7 days of recovery before training the deltoids again.

Train hard, be smart and have fun:)

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Stay Strong,