Sorry for my absence!

I apologize for my absence here.  Looking through some of the analytics I realize this site is getting a ton of traffic even though I haven’t contributed so I figured I owed it to those that are coming here to add some content.

i have written a lot here the last few years about the importance of proper exercise selection.  I think that choosing the correct exercises for you is vital to your long term success.  This is one of the biggest mistakes I see with some of the fad exercise programs available today.  Programs are filled with exercises that are either dangerous for most trainees or are just not effective at placing enough tension on the desired muscle groups.  Guys just because everyone is doing a fad exercise program doesn’t mean it is the best and certainly doesn’t prove it is effective.  I know many training programs are pushing Olympic lifting for athletes and to be Frank I am totally against Olympic lifting.  To my knowledge there is no scientific studies conducted to demonstrat Olympic lifting is more effective than basic progression in basic  exercise programming.  By basic programming I am referring to flat, incline, overhead presses, rows, pull-ups pull downs, curls, close grip presses, tricep extensions, squats, leg presses, lunges, standing calf raises, you see where I am going here.  All of the exercises I have listed allow for immediate progression in the early weeks of training without weeks and months of submaximal technique work that has to be present with Olympic lifting.


I know a lot of this type of fad training is fun but again that does not mean it is the most effective safe way to train.  My message is train progressively choosing exercises that work for you and you will build muscle and lose fat.  I could care less about what is a popular training model of a certain business or brand.

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