Thoughts: Gain Muscle Naturally

Controlling your thoughts and believing you can acomplish greatness may be one of the greatest contributors to your success in any endeavor. You must believe in your abilities even in the midst of daily struggles and the negative influences of the world. You must believe that you are capable of building muscle mass and reaching the level of leanness you have set out to accomplish. Finding a way to control your thoughts despite the negativity around you, often requires significant discipline and action.

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Perhaps the first thing you must do is fill your mind with positive and uplifting material. Surrounding yourself with individuals that are positive, those folks will provide you with positive support when you are down. There will be times when you will doubt your abilities and that is when a friend can lift you up. In opposition to this, I would not share your goals with individuals that are negative or might poison your efforts. Choose your support system wisely and then keep moving toward your goals.

I encourage you to read motivation books and materials or watch movies (my favorite) that may strike a motivational cord to keep you moving in a positive direction. I am a believer in Christ and I often read motivational bible verses. In fact, over the years the bible has been my greatest source of inspiration. For me, there are some questions and problems that I know of no where else to turn than to my faith in Christ.

I have also found good motivation from reading great books.  Napolean Hill has been a great source of motivation for me over the past few years, his book “Think and Grow Rich” is a must read for anyone working to achieve goals.   This book is not just about making money.

Pursuit of any goal will require massive action and keeping the negative thoughts from disabling your efforts is a key element to keeping you moving in a positive direction.  In the midst of the years of work ahead, keep working hard and believing in  your abilities and I promise in the end you will achieve.

Never, ever quit!   You have no options but to win!

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