Passion: The 5th Mistake That Limits Muscle Gain

I am not sure this is a mistake, but this element must be present or your gains will be severely limited.

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Today I was doing some research for my book I am hoping to complete by the End of the year.  Lana and I went in the garage and sifted through all my old training and nutrition books I had acquired over the years.  Every one of those books brought back some awesome memories.

Memories of my thirst for knowledge and a time when I was so young.  I just love books and even today there is nothing better to me than having a book in my hands.

I picked up books like Stuart McRoberts, Beyond Brawn, Brawn, Further Brawn, and His Exercise Technique books.  Which by the way, should be required reading for any physique competitor that wants to work with me! 🙂

I looked at all of the Big Beyond Belief Books by Leo Costa, which were best sellers in those days!  Agree or disagree with the methods every book provides some great information.

I open the pages of Tudor Bompa’s work on Periodization, I have all the Serious Strength Training Editions, along with William Kraemer’s and Vladmir Zatsiorsky’s Science and Practice of Strength.  In fact, the original Science and Practice of Strength was the first textbook on Strength Training and Bodybuilding I read.  It opened my thoughts to the possibility of hypertrophy research.  I remember in great detail being in the library at Southwest Missouri State University reading intently this landmark book.

The books of Size Surge and the Various Ironman Magazine Productions of the early 90’s.

What great memories those were.

I thought back to my passion of strength training and how just maybe one of these books might provide me a strategy that would propel my physique to victory.

Today as I read the stories and content of these books I wonder am I alone in my search for knowledge.

Is there anyone else out there that has a passion to be the best they can be and will not settle for anything that is less than there absolute best?

Are there folks with integrity that want to do things the moral and truthful way?  I wonder sometimes?

I am serious, is anyone out there humble enough to even read books and search for knowledge?  Or are we a society of individuals that have all the answers?  Are we just a bunch of egomaniacs that think we have all the answers?

Let me ask you, how many books have you read on training and nutrition lately?  Or are we getting information from the facebook or twitter newsfeed.

In an age where old fashioned hard work and consistency is almost foreign, is anyone out there starving to learn about building muscle naturally?

I pondered this today?  I am far from perfect and I know sometimes I come across as blunt, but these books brought me back to a time where I thought I would never achieve and frankly a time where I was very uneducated.

But, there is one thing I had and that was passion and a desire to learn.  A passion and desire to work hard and do what was necessary to achieve.  Are you with me? 🙂

I want to thank you for reading this blog and trusting me enough to take time to engage with my blog.

I am not sure where this post has went or where it is going, but today I just wondered am I alone?

Who wants to lock arms with me and work together and learn?  If you are interested I would love to brain storm!

Who out there wants to talk shop?  Who wants to discuss training and nutrition in a rational way?

Lets go about this another way?

Why are you involved in building your body?  Seriously?

Do you have a real passion for muscle building, just for the sake of the endeavor?  Regardless of winning or losing or looking good, do you really love this thing?

I wonder sometimes?  When I look out at facebook and hear folks complaining about dieting or other parts of transforming their physique, I wonder why is this person really doing this?  If it is so difficult and arduous perhaps this is not their true passion.  I am not saying extreme dieting is fun, because it isn’t, but is their something else you would rather do with your time?  It is no big deal if muscle building is not your passion, there is a ton of information to help you.

I am trying to get you to think about passion and drive to accomplish goals.  Achievement will take a strong drive, will, and passion!

Again, I go back to the books!  How many books on training and nutrition have you read?  Every book I have read has provided me something of value that I either experimented with or at least considered.

Do you have a thirst for knowledge and think things through?

I understand you want answers but sometimes the answers are best found through your own search and experience.  Coaches help expedite the process but do you have passion to persevere even when success seems so far away and defeat has pummeled you.

These are just my thoughts today!  I suppose these books brought back my feelings on passion!  I can’t go back and I am thankful for the gifts and memories I have.  It is time to move forward and keep fighting!

If you are still here I know you have what is necessary to build muscle and transform your physique.  This article is over 900 words long and if you stayed with me this long you are ready to Build Some Serious Muscle.

Who is With ME?

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