5 Mistakes That Limit Your Muscle Gains: Part 4

The 4th mistake many trainees make is lack of Consistency.  Not just consistency of showing up to your workouts, but consistency to following a set program for a number of weeks.  We are all looking for some magic formula that is going to propel you to amazing gains and sometimes we fall prey to not giving a program enough time to truly assess its effectiveness.

Without consistency in applying your methods (training, nutrition, or supplementation) you will never be able to determine if a method is working for you.  You must experiment at times with training and dieting to find the most efficient approaches for your body and your goals.  This experimentation will probably take weeks of consistent execution to access the effectiveness.

One issue, that is an extension of consistency, is the stubbornness (unwillingness to learn) so many have with regard to their training and nutrition methodology.  At no point in your training career should you stop learning.  I learn from watching and listening to others and along with hours of reading per week.  Never stop learning and experimenting, even if the experiment does not work you have acquired good information through this process.

On another note, the more education and training a person achieves I find the more stubborn they become.  I too have been guilty of being stubborn and unwilling to listen and learn.  When we close our mind to learning new approaches or asking new questions we limit our ability to acquire knowledge.

In the next article I am going to give an example of how Lack of Consistency and Stubbornness cost me a least 5 years of productive training.  Halting my muscle gain progress and slowing down my achievement toward my goal of being a WNBF Pro.

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