Olympic Lifting For Maximum Muscle Gain

Goodness there is much confusion in the fitness world!  Building muscle has been my work since I was 16 years old.  I have tried just about every training and diet program available.  I want to be clear that this site is about Building Muscle Naturally and Efficiently.   I am not interested in any form of exercise that is not centered on that goal.  Training methods Must Be FOCUSED on your goal or outcome.  You would not train a World Class Sprinter by running him Marathons.  Specificity, Specificity, Specificity.  Muscles increase in size by placing maximum tension on them followed by adequate recovery time.

I am NOT a SUPPORTER of OLYMPIC lifting for anyone other than OLYMPIC lifters.

Olympic lifts are perhaps the most complex sports skills on the planet and in my opinion expose the average trainee to a GREAT INJURY RISK.  I would think it takes many years to perfect the mechanics of these lifts and that learning curve would waste a lot of time, compared to very basic strength training, where overload could be employed from the first week.  Moreover, many body types, ectomorphs (tall, slender, long legs, and  short torso) would probably never be able to perform a Olympic lift correctly due to a high center of gravity and not favorable levers in general.

Training for hypertrophy is about putting the body in a position where maximum overload can be placed on a large amount of tissue.

Olympic lifting to my knowledge is about using momentum to move an object from point A to B.  I know these types of lifting programs are fun, but they will not result in MAXIMUM HYPERTROPHY and if MUSCLE GAIN is YOUR goal the answer is likely not here.

This website is about giving the best information I have acquired through my years of experience and academic research.   If I thought a particular method of training was effective I would most definitely support it.

Olympic lifting is NOT for guys and gals interested in Building Maximum Amounts of Muscle safely and efficiently.

Just my take and I would love to hear your comments.

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