Shoulder Training For Hypertrophy

Sorry for my lack of updates lately, I have been working on a launch of a new online program along with the additional on sight training we are doing.

Yesterday afternoon I had a tremendous deltoid workout that I wanted to share with you.

The bulk of my current deltoids workout usually involves lateral movements.

Here is yesterday’s example:

Dumbbell Lateral Raises 40 x 10

Cable Lateral Raises 25 x 6-10

Incline Lateral Raises 25 x6- 10

Shrugs 275 x 10-12 (no straps)

All four exercises were performed with minimal rest between them, I suppose many call this super setting.  I like to call it getting in and getting things done 🙂

I went through this cycle at least 8 times in about 35 minutes.

I worked out with my oldest son Eli and he was encouraging me to perform more lateral raises with dumbbells.

After a few minutes of his repeated nagging 🙂  I performed about 2 sets of dumbbell laterals with 25 lbs dumbbells for probably 30 per set.  My deltoids were on fire after this workout and I think Eli was pleased with my effort.

What a great feeling that workout provided along with the conditioning effect.  This is an advanced routine and one that I would not recommend unless you are quite advanced.

If you have any questions about this workout or anything related to this site post in the comments.

Perhaps you have some examples of workouts you would like to discuss you can post them in the comments as well.

Stay Strong,

Don’t let your 5 year old Train You 🙂


All kidding aside I usually like to do some higher rep work at the end of every muscle group session.  Eli heard me talk about it and kept on me until it was done.  The kid is ruthless:)



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