Stop The Madness

I suppose today I am going to rant a little so if you don’t like it you don’t have to read on.  Guys and gals that read my site I want you to know that I appreciate you and if you want to respond feel free to do so in the comments below.

When will the Madness Stop?!

I am referring to the commericalization of fitness and health in general?  Every where I look is more bull.  Everyone is trying to make a buck selling potions, pills, or idiotic training methods stating that the person in the commercial acheived their physique using some bogus training method or taking this junk supplement.  I have a client that came in this morning that went to a supplement store and said he was basically attacked by a sales person pushing him to buy some **** supplement that they guaranteed would accelerate his results.  What a Joke:)  This is the same store that I get competitors every year not being able to compete in our natural event because they have sold some junk supplement that is a “Hormone booster.”  When I call them to ask this store about it they don’t even know the ingredients or at what dosage the ingredients in question are at.  But, yet this supplement is the magic bullet to accelerate your gains.   This is ****, folks ****.  I am tired of it and I am talking today.

Another example, I turned on the TV last night, which I rarely get to do because my kids like to play, I digress..  Anyway, some guy was on TV raving about his new training method of dancing around and punching in the air calling it interval training.  You should see this guy, he had some major muscle and was lean, and I can tell you with almost 100% certainty he does not perform ONLY this program and have hypertophied muscle like he has.  He most certainly lifts some serious weights.  But, the program implies that THIS particular program has produced his dramatic transformation.  No way, do I believe that. Perhaps this program does burn calories but I can assure you to build muscle you must strength train.

Another example is the hormone or whatever the heck it is that is marketed toward women as some dramatic fat loss, junk.  Supposedly, you go on a 500 calorie per day diet and this product magically accelerates fat loss.  It ain’t the supplement, it is consuming the 500 calorie per day diet that results in the fat loss.  Guess what, there is no way you can continue with a 500 calorie per day diet for the rest of your life, so what do you think happens when you increase daily calories.  Duhhh, you gain weight and usually more weight than you had before.

Alright, I will be good tomorrow!

OK, I  am starting to feel better already.


Sensible diet, Strength Training (so you can become the incredible hulk :)), and some well planned cardiovascular training.

Live it, there are probably no real shortcuts.

Laser Focus Training is the Answer.


Leave No Doubt

Are you working hard enough as to “Leave No Doubt” that success will come?  Only you know, but I know I have been slacking.  It is time to get after some hard work and achievement.  Attack life!

Check out this Awesome Video and Let me know what  you think in the Comments 🙂

Leave No Doubt West Virginia Coach Bill Stewart



Shoulder Training For Hypertrophy

Sorry for my lack of updates lately, I have been working on a launch of a new online program along with the additional on sight training we are doing.

Yesterday afternoon I had a tremendous deltoid workout that I wanted to share with you.

The bulk of my current deltoids workout usually involves lateral movements.

Here is yesterday’s example:

Dumbbell Lateral Raises 40 x 10

Cable Lateral Raises 25 x 6-10

Incline Lateral Raises 25 x6- 10

Shrugs 275 x 10-12 (no straps)

All four exercises were performed with minimal rest between them, I suppose many call this super setting.  I like to call it getting in and getting things done 🙂

I went through this cycle at least 8 times in about 35 minutes.

I worked out with my oldest son Eli and he was encouraging me to perform more lateral raises with dumbbells.

After a few minutes of his repeated nagging 🙂  I performed about 2 sets of dumbbell laterals with 25 lbs dumbbells for probably 30 per set.  My deltoids were on fire after this workout and I think Eli was pleased with my effort.

What a great feeling that workout provided along with the conditioning effect.  This is an advanced routine and one that I would not recommend unless you are quite advanced.

If you have any questions about this workout or anything related to this site post in the comments.

Perhaps you have some examples of workouts you would like to discuss you can post them in the comments as well.

Stay Strong,

Don’t let your 5 year old Train You 🙂


All kidding aside I usually like to do some higher rep work at the end of every muscle group session.  Eli heard me talk about it and kept on me until it was done.  The kid is ruthless:)



Launch of The Transformation Training Program

This week marks the first week of perhaps the greatest training program I have offered at my training center.  This program consists of 4 intense days of strength training that I know will deliver outstanding results.

All participants have done a fantastic job this week attending all of their workouts and working very hard.  In addition to the 4 days of training I am also encouraging participants to walk 8000-10000 steps per day with the use of a pedometer.  This is especially important to participants with the goal of losing body fat.

The 6 am group is filled with 4 super participants.  I think 6 am is the best time of day to train if you can become accustomed to getting up early.  Our 7 am group has 2 really great guys that are a blast to work with.   A Drury Baseball player is part of the 7 am group, this guy is going to be an animal, Just sit back and watch!

This training program is designed to produce maximum results in minimum time. Total workout time for the week is about 2.5 hours (40 minutes per session) and is laser focused to provide maximum muscle recruitment to, build muscle, lose fat, and improve athletic performance.  A balanced approach to training is always the best approach and that is the approach we are taking.

Steps to Success:

  1. Attend all laser focused strength sessions.
  2. If your goal is loss of bodyfat walk 8000-10000 steps per day, every day.
  3. Track macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) in all foods consumed, resulting in a nutritional plan to meet achieve YOUR goal.

No magic potion, pills, exotic formulas, or fluff 🙂

Just Laser focused Strength Training, Movement, and Nutritional Basics.

Stay Strong,


P.S. If you have any questions about this Program and live in the Springfield area please email me at

Hey, please comment below if you have questions or would like to pick on me, Chris 🙂

Or Make fun of a guy this morning picking something up 🙂

Pricing of Fitness Training Services

It seems lately I have been getting quite a bit of inquiring about what I charge for my training services.  It appears that there are some “trainers” in the Springfield area charging very low rates (<25 dollars per session) for one on one training.  As a business owner with rent, insurance, utilities, and all the other costs of doing business, I cannot imagine training individuals at such a low rate.  As I was searching the Internet on this topic I found a great article by Seth Godin that illustrates my feelings on this topic.

Do you think a professional trainer can afford to train individuals at such a low rate and actually be “professional?”

I consider myself a professional and support my family by my training business.

I have at least as many years of education as most lawyers, doctors, and nurses and frankly I bet I have more experience in my field.

Would you expect a lawyer or doctor to charge very low rates?

If they did charge very low rates, wouldn’t you seriously question the qualifications of this “professional?”

Perhaps the problem really is that these very low training rates are being performed by unqualified individuals?

The industry is filled with trainers with no formal education, college degree, and or very little experience.

So in response to the cost of my services.

My services are going to be priced accordingly.  One on one training is my most expensive training program per session, but I offer small group training that is quite affordable and priced at a point that should meet the needs of many individuals.

If you are a fitness trainer with real knowledge, and experience you too deserve to be paid a “professional’s wage.”

My services are focused on the best training knowledge I have available through years of experience.  No, I cannot run a successful business charging low prices per session.  I can get you in the best shape of your life and to me that is more important than the cost of my programs.

By the way, we have a brand new Transformation Program starting Next Monday, which is very affordable.  I think most would find it to be very affordable and I guarantee you will transform your physique in matter of weeks.    Just show up:)