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Wow, I just finished watching my oldest sons first baseball practice.  Pretty cool, I wonder if he will find a love for baseball like I did.  I still think baseball is the greatest game on the planet.  I know the Springfield area is in love with the Orange ball, but in my opinion there is something special about baseball. 

I want to let you guys know there is going to be a HUGE transformation coming to this site and a launch of ………..

I do not want to get too specific yet, but lets just say it will not just be an information product but a coaching experience.

Our training book should be done in the next few weeks.  Along with this book. we are also launching a very cool, awesome, fantastic, cool, awesome, program to go with it.  Gosh, I have had too much caffeine today.  I digress….  This book is based on training that I know will transform your physique, it won’t be easy but nothing worth having is.   If you perform the core (not talking about abs :))routine in this book for 8 weeks you will have more muscle, and less fat.  You have my word on that!   I won’t make unheard of claims like 20 pounds of muscle in 60 days, which we all know or should know is not possible.

This strength routine is different than any program you have ever seen or tried.  Less than 3 hours of laser focused strength training per week that will transform your knowledge of training and your physical body, more muscle, less fat.  This program is a culmination of 25 years of training experience, my scientific research, and training clients from all demographics (over 20,000 sessions supervised).  Yes that is correct, 20,000 supervised sessions (1000 sessions per year for at least 20 years).  This program will save you thousands of dollars (hiring a trainer who may or may not know anything), and years of frustrated effort.  What is your time worth?

If you want to build muscle and lose fat, this program is for you.  No P90X stuff either.  Just real training based on what works.  No hype, no inflated claims, no smoke or mirrors, just results.  Results that real clients have experienced in my training center.  Again, it won’t be easy but if you want change this is the product that will get it done.

Well, I better go for today.

Tomorrow, not so much coffee:)

Stay Strong,





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