Birthday Lesson

My birthday was yesterday and Friday evening I had some problems come up that needed to be taken care of immediately.  I spent all evening Friday and into the morning early Saturday attempting to fix this problem.  On top of this problem, I had a ton of grading to do as I teach some online classes that were ending this weekend.   I found some folks that could fix this problem but I thought, “Heck I can fix it my self.”  So I worked at least 4 hours Friday and 4 hours Saturday morning with no success.  My wife kept saying, “Mike hire the pros and get it fixed so you can get on with grading papers and celebrating your birthday.” 

 Finally Saturday morning, I paid an expert 90 bucks to fix this problem and within 10 minutes the issue was resolved. 

Lesson: I should have hired the pros Friday evening and gotten this issue resolved quickly and efficiently.  Being cheap and stubborn often costs you much more in time and lost productivity. 

2nd lesson: was that I should have listened to my wife early.  She mentioned Friday evening to get someone on it and forget about it. 

Being cheap and stubborn is often just stupid.  I have a problem with being stubborn and feeling like I can figure things out.  The issue got resolved early Saturday morning but not after I had spent at least 8 hours on it and a ton of stress.

Gosh, I wish I would have hired the pros early Friday evening enabling me to get my work done late Friday evening and being able to enjoy the whole day Saturday (Birthday).

I guess it is sort of like hiring a fitness coach.  Yes, you MAY eventually figure out the best ways to train and diet to achieve your goal.  But, this process will require many, many years of frustration, lost time, and energy.  Hire an expert with many years of experience which will allow you to start your program with the most efficient methods and dramatically save you time and energy.  Unless you like wasting time and energy trying to figure it out 🙂

In my case, surely the 8 hours of time I spent was worth more that the 90 bucks I spent to get the issue fixed quickly.

That’s my Birthday Lesson.  I can tell you the next time I am hiring an expert and forgetting about it.  No stress and wasted time.

Stay Strong,




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