Quadricep Training By Michael Thomas

My current training program is focused on maximum effort followed by complete recovery.  Since my bone and cartilage transplant surgery on my knee (2009) I have found that leg presses generally work well causing no irritation over the transplant site.  Additionally, the leg press keeps my back from becoming irritated or worse.  So I get after the leg press, and my choice is the Hammer Strength Linear Leg Press. 

Yesterday’s workout went well.

Leg Press (the last number represents the number of repetitions per set)(warm up) 6 plates x 10, 8 plates x 10, 10 plates x 10, 12 plates x 10, 14 plates x 10.

(working sets)  16 plates x 10, 18 plates x 10, 20 plates x 10, 22 plates x 8, 24 plates x 8, 26 plates x 8.

At this point during the workout I start dropping the resistance and increasing repetitions.

18 plates x 15, 14 plates x 15, 12 plates x 30, 12 plates x 30

Second Exercise

Hammer Strength V Squat

4 plates x 30 for 3 sets

Game Over:

I would suggest You performing a Squat or even a Lunge to supplement your leg training.  Unfortunately, my injuries do no allow me to do those exercises.  But, hey you have to choose exercises that are appropriate for you.  A great friend of mine often reminds me that, “There is more than one way to skin a cat!”

I know a number of my readers have injuries and I want to encourage you to FOCUS on what you can do.  Do not compare yourself to others you see in the gym who are injury or ailment free.  Focus on yourself and your progress.  Do the best you can with your situation.

I can remember initially after my bone and cartilage transplant surgery being in a wheel chair all day.  I could not walk or bear weight for 16 weeks and as you can imagine this was very difficult.  I developed a strength program for my upper body and the unaffected leg.  There was no way I was going to quit working out during this 16 week period.  My dad or wife would help me load weights or hand me dumbbells so I could lift.  There is no way to load plates or carry dumbbells hoping on one foot 🙂  Actually, I tried a couple times but it wasn’t cool.

Bottom line: Try to work around your injuries and do not give up.  Keep moving and working toward your goal.

Stay Strong,



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