Salena Trabuc Super Figure Girl

Today I wanted to introduce you guys to a superstar client I am working with this year.  Salena Trabuc competed last weekend and has made some tremendous gains the last 4 1/2 months.  Looking at the data we have collected she has lost over 25 pounds of bodyfat and gained 3-4 pounds of muscle.  Gaining lean mass is very difficult to do when a client is trying to achieve ultra low levels of body fat, but Salena has done just that.  Our focus has been on getting really strong in the weight room (for improving muscle mass) and keeping cardio to moderate levels with just enough to achieve our objective slowly.  Nothing drastic, slow steady decreases in bodyfat, to preserve every ounce of lean mass.

What makes Salena so great to work with is her “Coachability.” 

When we make changes nutritionally she knows exactly what to do and does it to a “T.”  For example, if we decided to go to 100 grams of carbohydrates on a given day she would go to her computer and type out a plan that would allow her to hit those totals, of course making sure she also consumes the precise numbers of protein and fats for our given plan.  She knows the foods she likes and the foods that fit into her busy schedule and makes it happen.  No excuses, no complaining she just does it.

BTW, she is a mom, wife, and a full time nurse (works nights), No excuses 🙂

Guys and gals this type of execution that will dramatically change YOUR physique and if you are willing to wait Ultimately Your Best Condition.  I wrote about this many times but tracking macronutrient intake is vital to your success.

Additionally, I write detailed workout programs for each client and make sure that they have it in excel.  She types in her excel document every set, every rep, and everything relevant to her workouts.  So its like I am actually there with her in the gym during all of her workouts.  Each week I can make changes to her strength workouts through this excel sheet.  I have every workout she has done logged in my database along with every bodyweight and macronutrient adjustment since we started training together.  This type of data allows a coach to have a total picture of what is happening, dramatically improving and accelerating our strategy to push her body to higher levels.  Oh, I didn’t mention the weekly pictures she sends me.  We have pictures of her physique at various bodyweights in the exact same conditions (lighting, etc.)

I can’t brag on Salena enough.  Salena, it has been a pleasure working with you and Trust Me:


Stay Tuned,

Stay Strong,


6 thoughts on “Salena Trabuc Super Figure Girl

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am privileged to have found a Coach with your knowledge and background. You are supportive and encouraging when I have down times. You truly have designed this plan to work with my body structure. Personalized nutrition, workouts, and cardio are key since each individuals body is unique and you have mastered that formula. Thank you, again. ————— Salena

  2. Great article and DEFINITELY and Salena is a true inspiration! Loosing 25# of bf and gaining 4# of muscle!! AWESOME!! It just goes to show you what being dedicated and hardworking can achieve. Congrats to you Salena for hittin that WBFF stage and delivering at rockstar capacity!!! Its a pleasure knowing you girl!! Big things are on the horizon for you!!

  3. Salena you are so welcome. This is just Phase 1 and Phase 2 is going to be even better 🙂
    Thanks for reading this article Kimberly. She is such an inspiration!!

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