Quadricep Training For Maximum Muscle

As with my earlier post this week, today I am going to be totally transparent with you guys.  I am going to describe my current quadricep routine.  So here goes no fluff just the meat!

I absolute love the Hammer Strength Linear Leg Press.  This leg press is similar to a 45 degree leg press but for some reason is easier on my knees.  I know James River Assembly has one along with a local gym.  I like how this machine has a guard that can be set to keep a heavy load from coming down on you if you were to fail.

The bulk of my leg training is performed on this machine.

Here we go:


4 plates x 10, 6 plates x 10, 8 plates x 10, 10 plates x 10, 12 plates x 10, 14 plates x 10, 16 plates x 10

Working Sets

18 plates x 20, 20 plates x 15, 22 plates x 10, 24 plates x 10, 24 plates x 10, 24 plates x 10, 20 plates x 20, 20 plates x 20

Hammer Strength V Squat No need to warm up

6 plates total x 20, 20, 20-30

Each set of this workout is taken very close to failure.

Many will argue that I should be doing barbell squats.  I would agree that barbell squats can be very effective and for many people are probably superior for building up the quads.  However, I have a pretty bad back and cannot perform squats or deadlifts.  I will tell you guys that I think my leg development is actually better now and I have not squatted or deadlifted in about 5 years.

My main theory in exercise selection is an exercise should not cause injury to joints.  I have talked to many trainees that have injured their backs performing deadlifts and or squats.

Give my workout a try and keep in mind that a written workout is nothing with out HIGH levels of effort and progression from workout to workout.  You must find a way to get stronger on exercises that are appropriate for you.

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