Muscle Project Info


I got a ton of emails yesterday asking about this project. I will briefly discuss it today and add more info as we get into summer.

* The project will start probably late summer. Like August or so.

*You will get access to a complete training program that you will need to follow. Strength training three days per week 45 min- 60 min per session.

*Program will last for 6 weeks maybe 8 just depends.

*You will recieve two DEXA scans pre and post training to accurately access fat free mass changes.

*We are measuring differences in fat free mass gains of low frequency training (what most bodybuilders do) v. high frequency (three times per week) Volume will remain the same regardless of group.

*Subjects will be randomly selected to a group. Unless you want to be placed in a certain group, we just need an equal number on each group. Does not matter to me.

*Nutrition does play a role however this will not be an issue with our study. If you want to be on a diet during the study this is fine however we will strongly recommend adequate CHO intake.  

*We need men and women above 18 years old.

*Best of all it is FREE!! No kidding. Both DEXA scans and the program is free. All you have to do is follow the plan.

Have a blessed day.



Hello, I hope all is well with everyone. I want everyone to be aware of the crazyness that may happen at our business in the next month or so. Trust me it will rock this community. Something no one has done anywhere at least that I am aware of. I can not “let the cat of the bag” yet. I will release this info just as soon as I get the details lined out.

Other news.

Muscle Project

Early next fall I will be doing my thesis project on hypertrophy training. If you want to participant it is free. You will get access to me through online and on location coaching. You will recieve two DEXA scans to determine body fat. An Awesome opportunity if you are interested in learning more about getting lean and muscular.

Please shoot me an email through the contact button and I will get you on our list. Study will start late summer and early next fall.