Example of Yesterdays Total Body Blast

I got up early yesterday and hit the gym about 445 am. That is my goal for every Monday as it frees up so much of my time on Tuesdays to study and work.

Flat Hammer Presses 3 sets of 10

Pulldowns 3 x 8-10

1 legged Leg Presses 4 x 20

Seated Leg Curls 3 x 10

Rows 3 x 10-12

Lateral Raises 3 x 10-12

Calf Presses 3 x 10-15

Crunch machine 2 x 10-15

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions 3 x 10

Curl Machine 3 x 10-12

Forearm work 2 sets

Total time 42 minutes. Rest intervals about 60 seconds or so.

New Year Time to get after it.

One Of My Most Popular Posts

Below is a post from almost 2 years ago. I wrote this after returning from a contest I had judged.

Psychology Of A Champion

After being in the company of so many great athletes this weekend I wanted to write today about the characteristics of a champion.  To me a champion is not someone who necessarily wins a competition or award but rather someone who sets out to achieve a goal and reaches it.  That goal could be any endeavor not just athletics.

1) A champion sets a lofty goal.  This goal will probably require many months or years of commitment.

2) A champion stays focused on what they need to do to achieve their goal.  Many times others will get distracted easily and complain that they don’t have the genetics or other factors to reach their goal.

3) A champion knows when it is necessary to change a strategy to propel them closer to their long term goal.  A contender stays complacent in their beliefs and routines not wanting to learn or accept there may be a better way.

4) A champion deeply believes in their abilities even in the midst of a faillure.  A champion wil turn a percieved failure into an opportunity.

5) A champion will look for positive support which could come from an inspirational movie, literature, great friends or coaches, etc.  Many times a contender will continue to surround themselves with naysayers or negative influences.

6) A champion gives to others expecting nothing in return.

7) A champion is usually not the most gifted but the individual willing to endure a long, hard battle to achieve.
A champion is a good listener and uses an opportunity of conversation to learn.

9) A champion takes responsibility for his or her achievement or lack of achievement.

This list certainly isn’t complete but its a good place to start.

Have a Great Day and Stay Strong,


High Frequency Results and School

Hello Internet Friends,

I hope all is well and everyone is ready to start the New Year. I think my post below has started some folks thinking about training at a higher frequency. Definitely, give my little experiment a try and post your results in the comments section. Right now, my training program consists of three days per week of total body work, generally limited rest intervals, and relatively heavy resitances.

School starts again a week from Monday. I know some of you are in school as well and maybe we can support each other. Graduate school certainly is different that undergrad. I think it is easier maybe not the work or the amount, but generally, we are studying, writing and researching topics we are interested.

What do you all think of my new theme on the site?