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Hello everyone,

Sorry for my lack of updates. The show went awesome and many fine athletes graced our stage. I will have complete placings and pics up in the coming days. I do apologize for the delay but I must explain. Right now, I am in grad school and have several projects due. The biggest one my research proposal which right now is over 50 pages. I am really enthused over this project as we will be comparing high frequency training to lower frequency training. I know the results will go against what most of you are doing. 

I will be getting pics back from Mike our photographer soon. No promises but we will try to get them up when we get them. It just depends on if I get caught up here.

Thanks to everyone for coming to our event as a spectator or competitor. I enjoyed meeting many of you and if you need anything don’t hesistate to use the contact button above. As soon as this semester is over (first week of December) I promise I will have tons of updates here with lots of pics.

Many blessings,



Just got on facebook and some pics up there WOW Thanks,


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