Natural Springfield Classic Competitor Info

Good afternoon everyone,

I wanted to post here some updated information about our show.  I am also going to be posting this info on our message board at   If you have any questions you can you can shoot me an email at

Competitors registration will be Friday afternoon November 6th from 4-6 pm at the Comfort Inn 3370 East Battlefield Springfield MO  65804 ph. 417-520-6200.  You must be present during these hours to compete in our show.  Registration will be in a conference room within the hotel.  Front desk staff will be able to assist you with any questions you might have. Please bring a CD for posing music at this time and be prepared to weigh in.

Directions to and from the venue are at this link. I think you right click and then open link. I will also have this link available on the forum.   MAP


If you need a refrigerator in your room make sure you request one.

Please do not stain the sheets, toilet seats, showers, or carpet.  Bring your own sheets to protect the hotel sheets.  We want to make sure we take care of the hotel.  If you damage the room in any way YOU will be charged for that.

I will be posting a polygraph schedule later in the week.  You must be present for your polygraph at the scheduled time. 

Competitors meeting on Saturday will be at 8 am  Prejuding starts at 9 am sharp. 

Location of the Venue is The Plaster Student Union Theatre at Missouri State University.  The Student Union is in the middle of the campus.  I suggest you access the student union from National Street.  Heading South on National turn right onto Monroe Street.  You can park along Monroe Street or Florence Avenue.  We are able to park in any of those parking lots since it is Saturday.  After you have parked you will have to walk south on Florence until it turns to the left.  Don’t turn left you will turn right and be heading back west.  On your right should be the book store and in front of you in the distance you will eventually see a huge bear statue.  That statue sets in front of the Student Union.  The student union sets on the south side of the bear.  We will have signs up you can’t miss the building. 

Finals start at 5pm we will probably have a competitors meeting around 4pm. 

This venue is an awesome facility.  We are going to do our best to cover all areas back stage, restrooms, etc.  However, with a facility of this size there is no way we can cover everything.  Please, make sure you cover yourself when sitting on seats inside or outside the theatre or any other area located within the campus.  That tanning product is hard to get off certain surfaces. Let’s be respectful of the facility. 

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email or post questions here as others might have the same question.

Thanks and Good Luck,

Michael Thomas

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