Week Of Training With Mr. USA

Current Workout In Preparation for fall Pro Shows.



Flat Hammer Machine Press 10 sets of 5

Low Hammer Machine Press 10 sets of 15-20


Wrist Curls 2 sets  Wrist Extensions 2 sets

20 minutes of elliptical


Hamstrings Seated Leg Curls 10 sets of 5

1 legged Standing Calf Raises 10 sets of 10-15

Seated Calves 3 sets of 20

Back Extensions 3 sets of 20

Crunch Machine 2 sets of 15-20


Pullups 12 sets of as many as possible

Rows 8 sets 10-15

Posterior Delts 5 sets of 8-10

20 minutes of elliptical


Shoulders and Traps

Hammer Machine Shoulder Press 3 sets of 10-12

Seated lateral Raises 4 sets of 10

Cable laterals 4 sets of 8-10

Shrugs 5 sets of 10-15

Crunch Machine 4 sets of 10-15



Preacher Curl Machine 10 sets of 10

Rope Pushdowns 10 sets of 10-20

Incline Dumbbell Curls 5 sets of 10

1 arm pushdowns 5 sets of 10

20 minutes of elliptical



1 legged leg presses 10 sets of 20-30 per leg

So there you go a snapshot of last weeks training.  Strength workouts last no longer than 40 minutes.  All sets are taken very close to failure.  The main goal of every workout is to make sure each muscle group has been trained to extreme levels of exhaustion and muscle fiber recruitment.  To me the resistance is secondary to making certain we are training each muscle group with super high levels of effort and intensity.  As you can see I am a believer in volume.  Every time I enter the weight room complete focus is on the muscle group we are training.

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High Volume Strength Training

Many times I get emails from clients asking me if I were to choose one way of training which way would I choose?  To answer this question I always answer with “It depends.”  It depends on the clients current training program, tolerance to exercise, commitment level, nutritional status, recovery status, and many many other factors.  For me in my training though I love High Volume work most of the time.  By high volume I mean at least 8-15 working sets per muscle group.  Rep ranges from 8-50.  In a perfect situation I would start with a core movement per muscle group for 3-5 sets of 6-10 reps.  After the core movement I would probably turn up the volume with higher reps and limited rest intervals.  I would train each muscle group as often as I could while allowing for complete recovery (probably allowing 5-8 days of recovery per muscle group hit with 2 or 3 days off per week).

Ok, there you have some basics of how I would train.  Let move on to the why I would train this way.  First off, each muscle group has literally millions of muscle fibers per motor unit.  I don’t believe there is any way you could possibly hit all those available muscle fibers with low volume.  Yes, its true each set is probably training the same fibers as the set before,but it would make sense to me that additional sets could possibly call upon some additional fibers.  I also believe that those trained muscle fibers should be totally fatigued and trained to high levels to cause enough trauma to elicit an adaptive response (change in muscle mass).  I don’t see how doing just 1 or 2 sets can possibly totally fatigue available muscle fibers enough to cause a response over the long haul.  1 or 2 sets would probably stimulate some muscle fibers but not totally fatigue.  I do see value in low volume training just not every workout for months on end.  This situation is especially present in an advanced athlete where diversity is even more important.  Additionally there is some research to suggest that higher volume exercise causes a stimulation of growth hormone in the body which is powerful in building muscle and losing body fat.

Why such a`variety of rep ranges?  Well, again lets look at available muscle fibers within a muscle group.  All muscle groups have a variety of muscle fiber types.  For the sake of this entry lets just talk about fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers.  Actually, science is showing us there may possible be 6 different fiber types, but for simplicity lets just talk about 2 types.  Fast twitch fibers tend to be recruited by powerful muscular contractions for a short period of time (rep ranges of 4-8ish maybe), and slower twitch muscle fibers are recruited and trained when the time under load or work is longer than fast twitch muscle fibers (maybe 8-50 reps).   I can’t stress that this is all somewhat hypothetical as no one knows for sure, but when you look at the science it sure makes sense.  So to train a whole lot of the available muscle fibers you can see why it is vital to train in all rep ranges.  Stressing lower reps,heavy loads, fast twitch training first as those muscle fibers change the most through strength work.  Then moving to higher repetition, short rest interval to hopefully recruit many unstimulated fibers.

There are many more reasons I love High Volume strength training.  I could write a whole dissertation on the topic and get much more in depth than most of you care to know.  Bottom line, I believe for most folks, most of the time, you will get much better results from performing a lot of work per muscle group.  Following that high volume work by adequate days of recovery.  Clear as mud right:)

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How Can I Help? Build Muscle Lose Fat

I want to open this blog and my forum to help you.  Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about strength training, fat loss, muscle building, nutrition, and anything else related to health or transforming your physique.

You can post here in the comments section if you would like.  You can also go to our forum and post there.    I am here to help>  Make sure you forward this post to any friends that need help achieving their goals.

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Good Support For Fat Loss Achievement

Having great friends to hold you accountable during your journey is a huge element in achieving your goals.   In a world where everything around us is centered around overeating and lack of exercise you must have a good support system.  Even if its just one good friend to share your goals with.  Seek out a good support system and find things that will keep you motivated.  I know for me I like to read motivational books or blogs.  Stories of achievement despite the odds being stacked heavily against that person.  Some movies can be very inspirational.  My wife makes fun of me but you just can’t beat the Rocky movies.

Find friends, books, movies,websites and other sources of information that will keep you going when the going gets tough.  Getting through those tough times are much easier with this support.

Have a Great Day,


Don’t Think Just Do For Fat Loss

Don’t think about things too much, it will get you in trouble.  Over thinking your strategy will often confuse you.  Develop a logical plan and take action.  Keep your plan balanced and get busy.  Acquiring more knowledge is often not the problem.  Taking action is.  Get to it.


Everything You Got

As I approach this year of training for WNBF shows I am reminded that to achieve huge goals it will take a HUGE Effort.  I can remember a tshirt I read once that said,”All It Takes Is Everything You Got!”  Isn’t that so true.  Stop looking for the easy way.  Big goals are going to take a big effort and often times that big effort is much larger that anticipated.  When you get there you will be the only one left standing and that will be worth the Huge Effort.

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Variety Is Overrated Concerning Fatloss

You hear it all the time.  Some nutrition guru talking about variety.  Variety can destroy your fat loss goals.  I have dieted for at least 15 seasons of bodybuilding competition.  I have found that dieting for precision and fat loss is best if its consistent.  Rarely do I add tons of different foods.  Consulting clients online I tell them the same thing.  There are only so many sources of lean protein and good carbohydrates.  My advice is find those foods you like and are easy to prepare and develop a plan that will allow you to be consistent with those foods.   Giving yourself too much variety only opens the door to choosing foods that aren’t good for your goals.  I hate having to re track everyday the macro nutrient totals of the foods I ate.  So if I consume roughly the same foods and quantities I only have to have the plan written out and then I just follow it.  Absolutely no question as to the macronutrients consumed.  It’s just a matter of excecuting the plan.  Sure, some variety when it comes to veggies might be good but to much variance from your plan will hurt your progress.

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Journaling Your Way To Success

I have mentioned this many times but deserves mentioning again.  Writing down everything relating to your exercise and nutrition program is key to achieving your goals.  As I work with clients through my online coaching program I stress with them the importance of journaling.  Especially, nutritionally when we are concerned with getting really lean.  You must know what is in the foods you are eating.  You must record foods, protein, carbs, and fats in those foods.  After several days of journaling you will find that journaling gets much easier and suddenly you are much more aware of what you are putting in your body. 

Action Step

Today, get a notebook and write down everything you consume.  When you get to a computer look up all those foods in an online database.  Record protein, carbs, and fats for all those foods.  Do this for a month.  I promise you will lose weight.  Do your best to consume foods that are low in saturated fats, low in sugars,and consume small portions of protein with each small meal.  Preferably 5-6 small meals per day.  If you get hungry eat more clean food.

Just do it no matter how painful it is to write things down.  DO IT!!

Have a Great Day,


Fat Loss Momentum

As I enter my 4th week of competition prep I now feel unstoppable.  I have strung together 4 weeks of complete nutritional compliance.  No foods were consumed that were not on my plan.  I started my contest prep at a weight of 215 or so and today I weighed in at about 200.  Each day I feel more and more aggressive in my attack toward getting super lean and winning at this level of competition.  I did not feel this power in the first few weeks of preperation. 

You must get this type of momentum going in your own fatloss journey.  Get yourself a plan and stick to 100% for 4 weeks.  I promise after 4 weeks of near perfect execution you will be unstoppable.  Just give me 4 weeks.

Have A Great Day and Stay Strong,


Mr. USA’s Current Nutrition Plan

I get a lot of emails wanting to know my nutrition strategy.  So today, I thought I would give specifics about my current plan.  Keep in mind this plan will change in days and weeks to come to keep my fat loss moving.  However, right now this strategy is producing about 1.5 lbs of fat loss per week at current activity levels.  You must remember this plan works for me and will probably not be appropriate for you.

I keep training and diet pretty simple.  If I have to think too much about things I don’t follow through.  You will see I don’t prepare a lot of food.  Just my backpack full of oatmeal, MicellTechProtein, BCAA’s, Glutamine, Vitamins (micronutrients)

Meal 1 445 am

1 cup oats

2 scoops MicellTechProtein

2 grams of fish oil


Meal 2  9 am

1 cup oats

1.5 scoops MicellTechProtein

Meal 3 12 pm

1 cup oats

1.5 scoops MicellTechProtein

2 grams of fish oil

Meal4 3pm

1 cup oats

1.5 scoops MicellTech Protein


Meal 5  5pm

1 cup oats

1.5 scoops MicellTechProtein

Meal 6  7pm

6 ounces of turkey breast or chicken breast

large serving of greens

2 grams of fish oil

Total Macronutrient totals are around 300 g protein, 300 g carbohydrates, 55 grams of fat

Yes, I wish I took time to eat more solid food.  During the week I am so busy working that its hard to make time.  I use the protein and oatmeal to meet my carb and protein needs.  Its super easy to pack, measure, and know exactly what I am consuming.  Keeping it simple.

If you have any questions let me know.  Please feel free to post in the comments or go to my forum.