A Rough Day, But


I still got my workout done.  I have been fighting a little bit of a cold.  I slept in this morning and worked on my website today.   This afternoon I got the workout in.  I was tempted to skip today but decided against it.  The workout was very tough to complete.  My body just wasn’t delivering the O2 to my working muscles.  Intraworkout recovery was limited greatly.  Here is the actual workout.

All exercises were performed in straight set fashion.

Flat Barbell Bench 245 lbs x 18,12

Pulldowns stack x 15,13

Rows lying facedown on a bench slight incline 80 lb dumbbells x20,16

Close Grip Presses Barbell 225lbs x 14,10

Lateral Raises seated 40 lb dumbbells x 14,8

45 % leg Presses 6 plates x 50, 8 plates x 30

1 legged Calf Presses 6 plates x 30,30

1 arm preacher curls 40 lbs x 18,15

Total time 33 minutes.

Good workout certainly not my best.  Ill talk to you guys tomorrow I am going to go home to rest.



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