New Levels Of Performance

Yesterday’s workout was awesome.  I pushed myself to higher levels of performance and my body responded.  Training with this system is like magic.  Each day you enter the gym you may be feeling unenergetic and then bomb your body responds. You just never know what is going to happen.  Often I am surprised at how much my performance has improved.  A resistance that once felt heavy now feels tremendously light.

I strongly urge you to read all the entries associated with routine 2 under the categories.  Develop your plan following that routine.  Follow that routine for 12 weeks and I promise you will be stronger, leaner, more conditioned than ever.  If you have questions be sure to ask .  Do It NOW!!


Here was yesterday’s workout

Flat Barbell Presses 275 lbs x10,8,8

Pulldowns stack x 12,10,10

Close Grip Presses 225 lbs x 10,10,10

Leg Presses 6 plates x 30, 8 platesx 30, 10 platesx 30,30

Calf Presses 8 plates x 40,10 platesx 30,30

Bench Rows 90 lb Dumbbells x 10,10,9

Lateral Raises 40 lb dumbbells x 10,10,9

Preacher Curls 70 lbs x 20,20,18

Workout time 38 minutes.  A tremendous workout and set a few personal records.




Determining appropriate frequency is a critical component of your training program.  Waiting too long before training a desired muscle group could hinder your progress just like training that muscle group too quickly after a session.  This current routine is forcing me to rethink the whole work-recovery paradigm?

Lately I have been training muscle groups much more frequently.  Granted the most volume per muscle group performed is 5 sets.  This increased frequency has produced some awesome gains for me and my clients.  These new found gains after 20 years of training have caused me to rethink this whole recovery/frequency paradigm.  I do think training muscle groups with a higher frequency can and will produce awesome gains if you are recovering.  With an increased frequency approach you must make sure you limit your sets per session per muscle group.  Which leads me to a statement that I have used often.

“You have 2 options when it comes to training. 1) You can train each muscle group with a lot of sets, reps, high intensity techniques, etc.  By training with high volume and intensity you must allow a number of days for complete recovery.  2) You can train that same muscle group with limited sets, reps, but work brutally hard and train that muscle group much more often. ”

What I am finding using option 2 is that the body adapts to every form of stress.  Eventually, training with the high frequency approach your body will adapt to just about any training stress and be ready to train in a few short hours or days.  You can’t start off the high frequency program training with a lot of volume per training day but you can eventually increase it.  The following example represents the sets for 1 muscle group for 1 week of training.

First Higher Frequency Set up

Mon 2 working sets

Wed 3 working sets

Thurs 2 working sets

Sat 3 working sets

Total 10 working sets per week per example muscle group

After 8 weeks or so you could move the volume up a few more sets and see if progress continues.

Increased Volume High Frequency

Mon 3 working sets

Wed 3 working sets

Thurs 3 working sets

Sat 5 working sets

14 Total Working Sets.  After a few weeks you might consider backing the sets back down, followed by ramping them back up.

This is the exact experiment we have used here.  In fact, many of our clients have experienced a huge upregulation of recovery, strength levels, metabolism that this high frequency approach  is forcing me to rethink this paradigm.   Study Routine 2 and let me know.


January 27, 2009

Yesterday we had quite a snow and ice storm.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to get in my workout.  I didn’t get to work but did make it to a local gym that was not too far from the house.  The roads weren’t too bad.  I was excited to get my workout in.  This workout plan has produced and I hate to miss if I can keep from it.

Once I got to the gym I realized their were actually quite a few people there.  I had to alter my original plan but never the less had an outstanding workout.

Flat Hammer Machine Presses 115 per arm x 25,18,10

Pulldowns Life Fitness Machine 200 lbs x 18,15,10

Hammer Machine Overhead Presses 135 lb per arm x 10,8,6

Life Row Machine 130 lbs x 12,10,10

Seated Dumbbell Curls 45 lbs x 15,12,10

Bodyweight Dips x 35,30,30 (It had been a long time since doing these, I was pleased with the number of reps here.  My chest and triceps were smoked after this.)

Horizontal Leg Presses 250 lbs x 30,30 Decided to try stationary lunges 55 lbs x 15 per leg for just one set.

Standing Calf Raises 130 lbs for both legs at same time x 35,30,30

Evaluation:  The upper body portion of the workout was awesome.  The lower body portion really wasn’t as good as I had hoped.  The horizontal leg press really didn’t engage a lot of muscle tissue therefore, I decided to try the lunges.  When I got to the lunges I realized that my knee was getting irritated by that movement.   I really didn’t get the kind of muscle recruitment I wanted from either exercise.  I am ok with that.  I will make adjustments next time.  The leg press I should have used was being used and I didn’t want to wait.  Next time I will wait and perform an exercise I know I will get alot of muscle recruitment.

Have a Great Day.  Hopefully, I can get back to work tomorrow.


Plan Of Attack

I am getting ready for today’s plan of attack.  I tell you guys this program is the most powerful program I have ever followed.  I am using a new supplement that helps with workout energy and post workout recovery.  This supplement has significantly increased workout intensity and recovery.  The supplement is The Sports Performance line from Amerisciences.  Check it out.

Today’s Workout

Incline Smith Presses 225 lbs 3 sets amap(as many reps as possible)

Pulldowns stack 3 sets amap

Lying OnBench Rows 80 lb dumbbells 3 sets amap

Rope Pushdowns 3 sets amap

Lateral Raises seated 40 lb dumbbells 3 sets amap

1 arm curls over bench 40 lbs 3 sets amap

Leg Presses 6 plates amap 8 plates 2 sets amap

Calf Presses 8 plates amap 3 sets

This is today’s plan going into the workout.  I will see how I feel and make changes if need be.


January 24. 2009

Great workout yesterday. Probably one of the best workouts in my career.

Incline Bbell Presses 225 x 20 15 12

Pullups. 25 18 15 12

Leg Presses. 6 plates x 30 8plates x 30 30 25

Calf presses 6 plates x 40 8 plates 8 30 30

Lateral raises. 40×10 10 8

Preacher Curls added 40 lbs x 30 25 25 28

Incline Close Grip Presses. 225 x 10 185 lbs x 15 15

Total time 40 minutes

This routine is incredible.


Today as I was brainstorming for topics to write about a thought came to mind.  I want to discuss being thankful.  So many times we are focused on achieving some distant goal and striving for the future that we don’t take time to look at our current situation.  We find ourselves longing for the day when we get that diploma, or achieve that bodyfat goal, or get married, or whatever you have set as a goal.  We look so far out and work hard daily to achieve that long term goal that we aren’t thankful for today. 

I am very guilty of this myself.  I find myself at times not content with current situations due to looking too far into the distance and thinking if I can just get to that goal I will then “arrive.”  Lets  take time and be thankful.  Thankful that we can breath and live and have choices.  Thankful for our families and our jobs.  Thankful for our current physical condition even if we want more.  Thankful for the opportunities we have.  Thankful for our homes and cars, even if we desire to have more.  Thankful for the little things, like our children hugging us when we come home.  Thankful for our friendships.  This list could and should go on and on but I’ll leave the rest to you. 

I am writing this post as therapy to myself.  Be Thankful.



Amazing Training Session

Me and a friend of mine Jimmy from JRA had an amazing training session today.  Today we decided to go slightly higher volume.  Here is what went down today

Flat Smith Presses 225 lbs x 20,15,12,8

Pulldowns stack x 15,12,10,10,8

Close Grip Smith Machine Presses 185 lbs x 15,12,10,10

Lying On Bench Rows 80 lb dumbbells 80 lbs x 15,12,10,10

Seated Lateral Raises 40lbs x 10,8,8

Leg Presses 6 plates x 25,25,30,30

Calf Presses 6 plates 2 legged x 50,50,50

Preacher Curls added 40 lbs to bar x 30,25,25,25

A Great workout.  I probably could have trained a little heavier on legs but thats ok.  Workout took about 1 hour.  This workout has produced huge gains.


High Levels Of Effort

Yesterday’s workout was fast and furious.  Generally we choose to lower our volume on Tuesday.  I am so very amazed at how incredible strong I have gotten even after 20 years of training.

2 sets of all exercises not counting warmups.

About 1 minute rest interval.

Each set was taken very close to absolute failure.

Incline Smith Machine Presses 225 lbs x 20,15

Pulldowns stack x 18,16

Bench Rows (lying facedown on a bench) 80 lb dumbbells x 20,15

Lateral Raises 35 lbs x 20,17

Preacher Curls added 40 lbs to bar x 30,25

Close Grip Incline Smith Presses 225 lbs x 14,10

Split Squat Machine 110 lbs per leg x 25,25

Seated Calf Raises 180 lbs x 30,25

Workout Time 30 minutes

Training was awesome.  Great Program.

Varying Sets Per Training Day

By studying this current routine 2 you will see that we vary sets per exercise per training day.   I have recieved many emails asking why we do this.  We have a number of reasons for  varying our sets.  Here are just a few:

Obviously the volume is inversely proportional to the intensity you can apply.  In other words, if you just perform a few sets you can apply maximum intensity for just those few sets.  If you are performing 5 sets per exercise you will find that you will pace your efforts and each set won’t be of highest intensity.  Despite you best efforts.  So by varying the number of sets you are giving your body the best of both worlds.

Varying the number of sets also gives keeps you fresh from day to day.  This variance will keep your mind and body challenged.

Usually we perform between 2 and 5 sets per exercise.   Lately Saturday has been our 5 set per exercise day due to not working and having more time to train and recover.

Let me give you a few set rep protocols you could follow.

Option 1

Mon 2×25 per exercise   Tues 3×12 per exercise Thurs 4×8-10 per exercise

Sat 5×5 per exercise

Option 2

Mon 1x 50 per exercise  Tues 3×15 per exercise   Thurs 4×8-10 per exercise

Sat 5×6-8 per exercise

Option 3

Mon 2×30-50 per exercise  Tues 3×10-12 per exercise  Thurs 6×8-10 per exercise  Sat 6×5 per exercise

Obviously, you want to make sure you are getting stronger week to week.  Recovery is still paramount.  Limit training time to 1 hour.  Choose variables that don’t hurt your joints.

I hope this helps,


Today’s Plan Of Attack


I decided to sleep later today and workout this afternoon.  I am sort of apprehensive about this as most of the time I like working out before work.  We shall see how it goes.  I will probably drink a little coffee before the workout.  I will like the fact that I won’t be so rushed to get to work.  My plan is to workout about 3pm.  I should have enough fuel in my body by that point.  I will eat my 4th meal of the day at about 2pm so by 3 I should be ready to go.  Here is the plan.

Flat Smith Presses 2 sets of 20 reps

Pullups 2 sets of 20 reps

Rows 2 sets of 20 reps

Lateral Raises 2 sets of 20 reps

Leg Presses 2 sets of 50 reps

Seated Curls 2 sets of 20 reps

Rope Pushdowns 2 sets of 20 reps

Calf Presses 2 sets of 30 reps

That should do the trick.  If the equipment is take I will find a suitable alternative that is simlar.  Ill keep you guys updated later.